The Sims 4 Gets Premium Subscription Option

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A couple of months ago, there was a reddit leak that claimed that the Sims 4 is going to get a premium annual subscription model.

Given the name that EA has earned for releasing such features and Maxis who have always been at the forefront in bringing new content to the sims, the news wasn’t so surprising at all. It was considered to be a rumor that time when Electronic Arts was testing the waters. They sent out surveys to select a group of people, asking whether they would be ready to pay $100 or maybe less, to sign up for a subscription service.

The original plan according to the survey was to provide players, access to every downloadable content and skin packs, among other releases, for free, without any additional costs. The strategy is the same as what they used for Battlefield 4, where you pay earlier before the downloadable content is announced and it will arrive promptly to your game, sometimes before it is out for open sale. The news was recently revealed during a game demo video that got released, where glimpses of the upcoming subscription model were introduced.

Premium Membership

EA is still silent about the upcoming premium membership that they have planned for the Sims 4; but the video at the thirteen minute mark, showed a text where it says save on a new pack with early access and exclusive items. The advertisement, which is shown on the video, looks a lot similar to what EA does with their Battlefield franchise. As the tag line suggests, you will gain access to all the newly released content at least two weeks earlier and there will be some exclusive items as well.

During the survey that was conducted a couple of months ago, most players accepted that a premium subscription plan could be a welcome addition to the game. They also added that most of them easily spend $100 or more every year, to buy those items on Sims. The game is so addictive that they end up investing a lot of amount on them. Based on this survey, it looks like EA has finally decided to go ahead with the idea and introduce the plan as proposed.

Additional DLCs and Expansions

The Sims 4 is all set to receive a lot of expansion packs. Some listed ones include seasons, university and magical studies, similar to the Harry Potter books, pets, generations and much more. The company will offer a lot of new content, but gamers also opine that the developers are trying to cut off content, knowingly so that they could sell them at a later stage. This could be true to a certain extent, but nothing is officially confirmed. Recently, they chopped off swimming pool and toddlers from the final game. The developers explained this cut off, with a claim that by removing these features, they were able to add lots more new features in the game that players could look forward to. It is to be seen whether they justify their statements and make the game a truly immersive experience.


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