iPhone 5C vs iPhone 5S – Pricing and Specifications Compared

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The iPhone used to be the sole representative of Apple at the top of the smartphone segment, but it has now been joined by the iPhone 5C.

This is a phone that is similar to the iPhone 5S, which is the ultimate from Apple now. However, it differs substantially in terms of price due to the elimination of certain features. Apart from that, it still offers the same premium feel that has always been associated with Apple products.

Design and Looks

Offering a premium feel is one of the best aspects of the Apple device and this is true with the iPhone 5S. This phone uses aluminum extensively throughout the device, while using aspects like glass only in certain areas of the phone. It could be said that the iPhone 5S is the closest one can get to the Vertu range of smartphones without spending a fortune. The premium aspect appears to have been dropped in the iPhone 5C – at least on paper.

This is because the device will use polycarbonate materials for the majority. This is the same stuff used by Samsung and the Korean giant has come under fire for many of its flagship products due to this aspect. The iPhone 5C, though, will not face such criticism since it uses the polycarbonate material in such a fashion that it too feels like a premium device.


This has always remained as an area where manufacturers have saved on costs and this is true with the iPhone 5C, which significantly downgrades the options present in the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5S provides a maximum of 64 GB internal storage. Even though it cannot be upgraded through the usage of an external memory card like in the case of Samsung and HTC phones, this memory should be more than enough. In contrast, the iPhone 5C offers only up to 32 GB of internal memory.


Manufacturers have often regarded this as an area for cost-cutting as well, but the iPhone 5C more or less features the same camera found on the more expensive iPhone 5S. In terms of megapixel count, they both are identical at eight megapixels. However, subtle changes like the presence of a dual tone LED flash and the ability to record super slow motion videos are present in the iPhone 5C. They are sacrificed in order to retain the standard features like full HD video recording and LED flash.


This is a key area of separation between the two phones since the iPhone 5C offers a slightly inferior dual core 1.3 GHz processor, which may not seem that less powerful in terms of ratings, but it is an A6 processor. The A7 processor of the same rating is used in the iPhone 5S, which reportedly offers twice the power as its cheaper cousin according to the company.


It is not surprising to see the iPhone 5S priced at around $ 700 for the 16 GB variant, but the iPhone 5C features a remarkable drop to just $ 500 for the same memory option.

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