E3 2014 – What Microsoft and Sony Has In Store For Gamers?

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The most awaited Electronics Entertainment Expo, E3 2014 is finally here!

This year, it’s all about the greatest and latest games because there is no new hardware to show off, but developers have plenty of titles to boast. The console contention between Microsoft and Sony has just begun. Everyone is eager to know which platform will lead the race for this generation and it is a given fact that exclusive titles will play a huge role in determining the winner. Even though, no one will talk about it, PC will be one other important platform in the show. As with the tradition, computers will not get a stage or an event of its own as people will be busying selling their consoles yet many titles that are getting released in 2014 as well as 2015 are multi-platform ones. Even the Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3 is coming to PC this year and more PS4 exclusives may also make its way, if you go by the recent trend of porting games. Here are some of the most anticipated titles that you can expect in the show.

Microsoft’s Xbox One

The Microsoft press conference has significant importance because in order to boost sales, the company has announced a price drop for its console. It is now priced at $399 which is the same as a PS4 and they have also removed the hardware restrictions reserved for Kinect. The new update will allow game developers to use the graphics card and processor more, approximately 10% in excess, which could allow them to make games run in 1080p 60fps. With everything else in place, it now lies with good games to push console sales and keep it competing against the PS4. The Halo anniversary edition is an anticipated release while the new Halo 5 Guardians is going to change the game for Microsoft. Gears of War and Halo had been the best exclusives on the platform. Apart from this, the company is also expected to reveal a bunch of indie titles and the inclusion of entertainment apps to their platform.

Sony’s Playstation 4

Sony will not be far behind because even though they are leading the race, the company has stiff competition at E3 2014. The most sought after titles on the console include Uncharted 4 and The Order: 1886. The new IP has generated ample hype already and it is up to the developers to make sure they live up to it. The game for PS4 has now been postponed to 2015 citing reasons that they need more time to polish it and release an impressive IP to cope up with expectations. Watch Dogs faced a similar crisis about a year ago but Ubisoft didn’t make use of the time they got. Let’s just hope that the people behind the Order 1886 makes sure it comes out at as a game fitting for 2015. Uncharted is another celebrated franchise for the platform which will most probably be part of the show. There’s also Assassin’s Creed, Mirror’s Edge, The Sims among others.

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