FIFA 15 Brings Emotions and Intensity to Players

EA is busy promoting their upcoming soccer title, FIFA 15 by boasting of all the new features that they are bringing to the table.

While some of them are just gimmicks, many features do look impressive and they have a strong potential, to lead to a great gaming experience. Compared to Pro Evolution Soccer series, FIFA stands apart in terms of style, presentation, commentary and overall game play difficulty, which suits the majority of gamers. While everything is good about the game series so far, it is time the developers prove their mettle on the new generation consoles and more powerful PCs.

The players will be much more emotional with realistic expressions and even the ground has been made responsive to your every move. Earlier, the company released a promotional video that talked about the ten different features that they are bringing to the game. Among them, player emotions is definitely something that looks promising and if they have implemented it right, it is going to be a game changing new addition to the series.

Individuals Change the Game

According to the official EA blog, FIFA 15 will feature individual player emotions that will affect the overall game. For example, if a player is given a yellow card for his rash moves, he might behave much more aggressively and appear annoyed. It will invariably affect the performance of his team. They wrote, “The tone of the game will change, based on individual emotions. It is going to be a game where all 22 players will be connected to the pitch and to other players as well”. The newly released video claims the same and it is going to be so personal that if a player has an attitude towards other players, he is definitely going to show it every time they enter the pitch.

There will be heated arguments and the movement will change according to the mood of the player. It also continues to make some exorbitant claims, if made possible by EA, will be something completely new for the sports gaming scenario. If a team scores a goal very early, the other team will show higher intensity in trying to get a goal, so that they don’t lose the match without a fight. Similarly, the positive or negative attitude of a player will be prompted, based on the way the match plays out.

Over 600 Emotions

EA says that FIFA 15 has over 600 emotions for players integrated into the game, which they will display. The amazing aspect here is that they are not going to randomly show emotions, just because some event happened, but rather it will be a reactive response to everything that is taking place in the game. Even the crowds will show enthusiasm for a goal and have chants and unique anthems, according to the team that is dominating the pitch. The presentation will be less repetitive, as players will show different emotions every time they score and the same goes for the crowd as well.

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