How to Get Free WhatsApp for Lifetime

We all want to be connected and stay connected, and smartphones allow us to do just that. Unfortunately, the costs of unlimited texting can be quite high, and if you do have a limit and go over that limit, the price may be astronomical. This brutal reality has led a number of smartphone users to look for free messaging services that prevent them from exceeding their texting limits. One of the most popular free messaging services is WhatsApp. This service is free to try for one year, and then users may opt to renew WhatsApp for $0.99 a year from then on out. While 99 cents is not a lot to ask for a year of service, free would be even better. Interested in getting WhatsApp free for life? Read on for the details.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a handy little tool that allows you to message your friends without paying for SMS service. You can use it on several different platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and more. There are no ads, and you can message your friends in real time, sending pictures, videos, text, and even your current location to make meeting up easy. WhatsApp is always on, easy to use, and keeps your costs lower in most cases. The WhatsApp program was created by two guys who worked for years at Yahoo! before joining forces to try to create a better SMS solution.

Trick 1: Delete & Reinstall Your Account

If you are at the end of your trial year, your first step in getting WhatsApp for free is deleting your account. To do so, open the WhatsApp program, then select Settings followed by Account. Click on “Delete My Account” and enter your phone number, then click on “Delete My Account” to complete the process. At this point, your phone should be Whatsapp free, and you will need to reinstall the program and create a new account using new information. In the new account, visit Settings, Account, and Payment to see if your new trial period has been extended.

Trick 2: Use an iPhone

Another way to get WhatsApp free for a lifetime is by borrowing a friend’s iPhone. Begin by deleting WhatsApp from your device as described in Trick #1. Next, grab your friend’s iPhone and make sure that WhatsApp is not installed on this device, either. If it is, uninstall it, and then reinstall it from iTunes. Now comes the tricky part: on the setup menu for WhatsApp on the iPhone, enter your phone number and verify it on your friend’s phone. Now enter your activated phone number on WhatsApp on your device. It should now say that it is active for a lifetime on your phone, and you can delete anything you installed on your friend’s iPhone.

The tricks above will let you continue your free WhatsApp service indefinitely, allowing you to save your money for other things. Of course, $0.99 a year is not a lot to ask, so you may not think twice about paying the fee anyway. A word of caution when using WhatsApp: remember that this application will still use data, so if your data is not unlimited, be sure to keep tabs on your usage. You may think you’re saving money by not using your text quota, but if you exceed your data limit, you may wind up paying anyway. Do a quick cost analysis to see if WhatsApp is right for your needs. If so, then get it – and keep using it for free. Why pay if you don’t have to?

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