Why Blackmagic URSA 4K Digital Camera Is A Treat For Film Buffs

If you love photography and film, you’ll have your arms wide open and ready to receive Blackmagic’s 4K Digital Cameras. The cameras, soon to be available, come in four different models. Blackmagic has recently made some improvements to its products based on user feedback. It’s now time to see if the latest additions to their film arsenal are up to the mark.


Each Blackmagic URSA camera comes with features that promise to make filming a memorable breeze.

Professional Design

These new cameras are designed to be used for:

  1. High-end feature films
  2. Documentaries
  3. Electronic news
  4. Music videos.

They come with high quality matte boxes, rails and lenses. There’s no need for any extra equipment on location because it has built-in scopes for exposure. They have enhanced audio features too. It has an effective sensor size of 21.12 by 11.88 mm that captures high quality images, allows for higher frame rates and most importantly, cools the camera’s chassis so that you can use it over long periods. This camera has a hardy aluminium design, which means it is less susceptible to the wear and tear of multiple usage. It allows you and your friends to upgrade its lenses and sensors on the spot. Its handy monitor folds out to a large, 10 inch size. Its versatile audio station enables you to monitor audio meters and adjust different audio controls. The camera assist station allows you to toy with different settings. All this means that there’s no need for you to lug heavy equipment around, a boon if you have to move quickly between shots. It has multiple mount points for you to attach all the accessories you need.

Ultra HD

Black magic has enabled high quality filming with the inclusion of the Ultra HD feature in its cameras. Its powerful 4K sensor and global shutter make HD filming a breeze. The wide dynamic range makes it a cut above other cameras, because it preserves detail even in dark shadows. You can manage the depth of field of your shots because this nifty camera has a super 35 inch size. You won’t have to worry about not having enough storage space either. High HD quality is assured with the Ultra HD 12 bit lossless Cinema DNG.

Dual Recorders

The Dual Recorders in this prolific camera enable non stop recording. You won’t have to switch media between shoots. This can be vital if you are in the middle of a shoot that you cannot afford to interrupt. If there isn’t enough memory on one card, it automatically continues recording on the second one. These recorders aren’t just efficient. They also allow for up to 350 MB/s of high speeds.

Large Screen Monitor

The camera’s large 10 inch fold out monitor combines efficiency with portability. The fold out feature means that everything is stored within the camera. There’s no need to lug another heavy monitor around. You’re able view wide landscapes easily because of its size and brightness. The extra wide viewing angle enables you to pan to extreme degrees and see crystal clear images.

Two touch screens

Blackmagic URSA cameras come with an advanced touch screen interface. Two five-inch touch screens on both sides of the camera place all controls and monitoring tools within easy reach. The left side of the screen enables access to the camera’s major settings, and you won’t have to pour through thick manuals. The right has display settings like frame rate and shutter angle. A histogram helps with the checking of camera levels and a spectrum scope allows you to adjust focus.

Broadcast connections

The camera’s efficient broadcast connections mean that no expensive cables are necessary. You’ll have available 12G-SDI output that can be converted to Ultra HD Quality. The same level of input allows filmed video to be displayed on the camera’s wide 10 inch monitor. A separate SDI output enables you to attach accessories like lenses and a LAN C Connector that allows you to control them remotely.


Blackmagic cameras come with a standard 12V to 30V XLR power connector. This makes it easy to connect to any power source.

Color Correction Software

Blackmagic cameras come with DaVinci Resolve 11 software for easy color correction. It helps greatly with the enhancement of images, lighting and color quality. You’ll be able to use the full range of primary and secondary colors and advanced editing features, including a full multimedia time-line.

Blackmagic URSA Models

Blackmagic offers product variety with four different models of this camera. Each model is a variation of its technology and brings something different to the table.

  1. Blackmagic URSA EF – This Blackmagic URSA EF, to be released this July, offers all the features that come with every Blackmagic camera. In addition, it has an EF lens mount that makes panning and filming easier. The boom of this camera is that it is fully upgradeable.
  2. Blackmagic URSA PL– The PL model has, together with all Blackmagic camera features, a nifty PL lens mount. That’s extremely helpful for high quality filming and recording. Also fully upgradeable, It’s making an appearance this July.
  3. Blackmagic URSA Broadcast – Blackmagic’s Broadcast model, coming shortly, will have a broadcast lens mount and a broadcast lens control connection that will accompany standard Blackmagic Camera features. It will also have a 12G-SDI ND filter wheel.
  4. Blackmagic URSA HDMI – The HDMI model, coming soon, has everything that other Blackmagic camera models do. The difference between it and the others is that it includes a handy HDMI mount that allows you to connect HDMI cameras.

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