Battlefield 4 – Still Going Strong and Proves to Be One of the Best Games

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Released over nine months ago, Battlefield 4 is one of the leading AAA FPS games to date.

Even though it faced tough challenges and a lot of bugs in its first days, the game is still going strong. With hundreds and thousands of active players facing off in huge battles every day, the multiplayer aspect of the game manages to make it up for the overall shallow and short single player campaign. However, with new FPS titles coming out later this year, is Battlefield 4 still worth buying today?

Stunning Visuals

One of the core values of Battlefield 4 is its stunning visuals. With high graphic fidelity the game is able to compete with any upcoming title. The Frostbite 3 engine lets the game provide the player with a ton of special visual effects as well as huge explosions, which further add to the addictive gameplay. Moreover the user interface is more responsive and easy to grasp than ever. Whether you enjoy multiplayer combat or single player campaign you will be able to experience one of the most beautiful virtual worlds of this gaming generation.

Short, but Far From Shallow Single Player

Even though most critics have stated that single player campaign featured from Battlefield 4 is quite short, it is far from shallow. The campaign gives the newcomers a chance to get familiar with the combat system, all the while providing breathtaking live cut scenes and an amazing storyline. Moreover, the levels are uniquely designed and feature sandbox components, which further increase the gameplay experience. The Single Player campaign is also important for any player who would like to enjoy the multiplayer combat as it unlocks certain weaponry for the multiplayer aspect of the game.

Intense Multiplayer

One of the best features of Battlefield 4 is undoubtedly the multiplayer combat. Highly intense, the game mode is constantly updated by DICE, giving the player new content. Even though there are upcoming FPS games, Battlefield 4 already has a strong fan base of players. That being said, even if you purchase the game today, you will be able to enjoy the intense multiplayer at its highest point. Moreover, now that almost every bug in the game is fixed, you won’t have to worry about constant frustration about people who use glitches in the game for cheats.

Overall Perfection

Although each building block of Battlefield 4, when looked at separately, is far from perfect, the game features certain components that when put together manage to give it an overall perfection. With new and upcoming FPS titles being announced, one might wonder if Battlefield 4 can live up to the standards. However, with breathtaking visuals, high graphical fidelity and aesthetics, grasping single player campaign and intense multiplayer combat, the game has it all. Moreover, as almost every little bug in the game has been fixed by DICE, now would be the perfect time to consider buying the game if you haven’t already. Even though it has been more than seven months since the game was first released, it is nonetheless a worthy purchase.

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