Waze – Why It Is One Of The Must Have Apps In Your Phone?

Heading out and unsure about the traffic that you are going to be stuck in?

Why not try Waze? Waze isn’t your regular navigation app; it has been designed with a difference. It is a community app that has much more to offer. Here, we will take a look at how Waze can help you pick your directions and at the same time offer you additional facilities as well.

The Community Support Offered By Waze

Want to know your friend’s plan? How many times have you tried preparing for an outing only to remain clueless about everyone else’s plans? Waze can turn out to be the right choice for you. Are you wondering how is that going to happen? Here, we will explain the same for you.

When you are using Waze, you can connect your Facebook account with the app. When you have done so, you will be notified about your friends who are also using the app and are commuting in the nearby area. This comes in handy in catching up with old friends or even planning surprise meet-ups as well.

A lot of people have actually benefited by the use of this feature because you can keep track of the whereabouts of your friends with whom you are connected on social circles.

The Traffic Status

When you are commuting from one place to another, the amount of time that is wasted when you are stuck in traffic can be huge. No one wants to kill their time while being stuck in traffic jam. Do you have a solution? Yes, definitely. It is Waze that can help you out.

Waze makes use of a community based system wherein users will continue to add details about the traffic status of the roads. When you need to find the best routes to take for travelling from one place to another, you can always choose any navigation app that is reliable.

However, what are the odds that you will actually find the roads to be free of traffic? If you end up in traffic jam, you might reach your destination extremely late and despite taking the short cut, it will fail to serve any use. This is why Waze seems to be a much better choice.

Waze will not only offer you the different directions to take, but the live updates regarding the traffic condition of the different roads which will allow you to pick the best roads to travel without getting stuck. As the status is constantly updated by the users, you will always be updated about the road traffic data and thus you can make it to your destination timely.

Smart Navigation

When it comes down to navigation, you definitely need to have an app that will precisely show you the right roads to take. While Waze may offer a multitude of additional features, as long as the navigation and directions are not precise and accurate, it is not going to serve the right need.

As far as Waze is concerned, you are not going to regret the ease of navigation. The ease with which you can post the directions and the kind of precision that it offers is worth a round of applause.

Overall, Google’s decision to buy Waze seems to be extremely smart because despite the fact that Google maps and Waze may offer overlapping features, yet the popularity of both these apps is on a high. If Google would not have purchased Waze, its competitors were most likely to have tried attaining it.

If you haven’t yet opted for Waze, download it today and if you have been using Waze, let us know about your experience.

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