Minecraft Xbox One and PS4 Release Date, Features and Upgrade Details

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Within a few days, Minecraft should be released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Mojang announced months ago that Minecraft will come for the next-generation consoles sometime in August, but they did not give any specific date.

In concordance with Epoch Times, Minecraft for Xbox One will cost 19.99 dollars and if you already have Minecraft on your Xbox 360, you will be able to update it to the Xbox One version, but you’ll pay 4.99 dollars.

Minecraft for PlayStation 4 will also cost 19.99 dollars and to make the upgrade from PS3 to PS4 you will pay 4.99 dollars, as well. Also, if you already bought Minecraft for your PS3 console, you will get Minecraft for PS Vita for free.

Mojang confirmed that they are currently working very closely with Sony Computer Entertainment to find ways to upgrade the Blu-Ray disc version of the Minecraft: PlayStation 3 version to the Minecraft: PlayStatio 4 version.

You will be able to save your worlds from Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita and then import them to the next-generation consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, you will not be able to do vice versa, meaning that you can’t save the worlds from the next-generation consoles and import them to their previous versions.

Paddy Burns, the Chief Technology Officer at 4J Studios, said that the Minecraft worlds on the next-generation consoles will be 36 times larger that the previous worlds that are supported by Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. However, they can’t make infinite worlds because there are some technical limitations in terms of memory usage when playing multiplayer games. Burns also added that in some future updates, some horses will be added.

As for the smaller maps from Xbox 360 and PlayStation3, there will be some in-game options in the console version that will increase them to the new map size.


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