Minecraft Is Not Just A Game It Can Be Very Educational Too – What Does Microsoft Say?

It seems that the parents are starting to like Minecraft, after seeing how creative this game is for their children. At the same time, Microsoft likes the game so much, that they are willing to buy Mojang’s Minecraft for the sum of 2 billion dollars.

Even if the game doesn’t come with “shaped” graphics or a story line, this game is great for kids and even adults can have some fun while building stuff. Instead of playing with toys such as LEGO bricks with your kid, you can simply play with him on the console, constructing stuff on Minecraft.

There are millions of people who spend hours in Minecraft to construct structures with the pickaxes and other “digital” tools. At the same time, they can even help others in constructing stuff, by just joining the game in multiplayer mode.

Minecraft has become very popular in the last years and it seems that Microsoft is trying to get their hands on it. However, Microsoft is already known for being focused on games since they released their first Xbox console, almost ten years ago. Since then, games on consoles started to be released more often and now it seems that many gamers use their PC only for some specific games that are not released yet on consoles.

Minecraft was created in Sweden by Mojang and it became very popular because it was available not only for PC, but also for consoles and mobile devices.

However, Minecraft was not yet released for Windows Phones, but there are rumors saying that Microsoft is trying to bring it to their mobile OS soon.

It seems that most of the players on Minecraft are girls and this is one of the few games that parents usually play with their kids. To make things more interesting, Mojang allows you to create your own game server on your computer, where you can meet with your friends in your own private online world.

Back in 2010, Joe Levin was a teacher at the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in Manhattan. That’s when he began playing Minecraft with his 5 year old daughter. After some time, when Levin saw how well his daughter interacts in this game, he decided to quit and co-founded TeacherGaming, a company that sells Minecraft versions to classrooms for educational purposes.

Now, more than 2700 schools from Europe, US, Australia and other countries are using MinecraftEdu, a game that teaches science lessons to students. They can take history lessons where they explore models of ancient Babylon or even test gravity theories.

The fans of Minecraft play a big role for promoting this game, because if one friend from your group of friends starts playing Minecraft, the group will most likely want to try it too, so the friends will want to see with their own eyes what nice things they can do in this game. And since the game has a multiplayer mode, we all know how cool it is to play online games with your buddies.


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