TU15 for Minecraft Xbox 360 Confirmed By 4J Studios

Within days since the title update 14 landed on Minecraft Xbox 360 edition, the developers of the update 4J Studios has already revealed their interest to roll out another update very soon.

Compared to the time that it took between title update 13 and title update 14, this is really surprising. Moreover, usually it will be the fans who keep asking questions on when new features will land while it is a tradition for developers to keep calm about them. 4J Studios has taken an entirely different approach to it and they have always been different.

TU15 in Talks

Unlike other game developers who usually reveal the release date of their titles months or even a year earlier, 4J makes it public only a week earlier or a couple of days before they release it. They will most probably follow this style even for Minecraft Xbox One version as well. During the Twitter conversation that took place during TU14 release date, they answered a fan who questioned about the next gen version in a positive manner. The company said that they still have a lot to work on but they are definitely getting there. The company has been efficiently handling the work on all platforms at the same time and it comes as a relief that they didn’t lose focus completely on older generation consoles. There is no confirmation but the tweet ends on a positive note.

Talking about the list of bugs found in Minecraft Xbox 360 and PS3 edition, 4J Studios tweeted that they have been notified of 15 important bugs that need an immediate fix. They provided a link where players are encouraged to submit the issues they come across. After talking about the bug fix, they added that after fixing them we will roll out another update for Xbox 360 and PS3. It strongly refers to Title Update 15 without a doubt and it will be bringing another new batch of updates that are already available on the PC version of the game.

15 Bugs to Be Fixed

The studio didn’t reveal any specific date or the features that can be expected with it but based on their voluntary statement, it is confirmed that TU15 is getting ready. The process will be similar to the older ones where 4J will get it ready, list the features in the official forums and submit it for certificate testing. Microsoft will be responsible for bringing it out as soon as possible once the submission is made. There are also talks about revealing an Xbox One version during E3 2014 but it is pure speculation at the moment and there is no official confirmation related to the same. For now, players can check out the list of features found on PCs and start anticipating the list that will make it to the console versions with TU15 release.

Compared to the time it took for TU14 to find its way to the console, it should be relatively less this time around as the studio sounds like they are more organized and prepared to roll out bug fixes as well as updates in a timely fashion. Stay tuned for more about the upcoming TU15 for Minecraft Xbox 360.

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