Top 3 Best Android Browsing Applications of 2014

Nowadays, browsing the web on Android devices is very… normal! People don’t like or don’t have too much free time to spend on their PCs and they use their smartphones or tablets. We have a chaotic life style, we are continuously on the move, so these Android devices save us. Here are three awesome applications who will improve your web browsing experience on your Android device.

Link Bubble

If you surf a lot on the internet, Link Bubble will come in handy, because this application can open and load pages on the background while you’re surfing on the current page. So let’s say you are on Facebook (via a browser) and you want to open multiple pages which you saw on your friends’ walls – you can do this and without leaving Facebook. You can load multiple pages in the background and you can see when they finished loading. After that, you just tap the button in the right-middle of your screen and web pages will open up already loaded. If you care about your time, this is an application you will want on your Android device.

Javelin Browser

Javelin browser gives you the opportunity to switch between tabs and it comes with an Ad Block. So, no more advertise on your browser when you use Javelin. Bookmarks are sorted by how often you use them. Javelin has a “reading mode” feature, which takes any web-based content and import it as a text which is easy to read (and of course ad-free).


Pocket is a browser that lets you save articles, videos from web pages in order to read or watch them in offline mode. This is a good application if you don’t have internet on your device and you can connect at home or at work using Wi-Fi. You can read news or watch your desired videos offline while heading to work, or while you’re relaxing in the park, without needing an internet connection!

Do you use any of these Top 3 browsing applications on your Android device? Which one you like the most?


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