Top 5 Earphones for Working Out: Sweat and Water Resistant

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When it comes to exercising, perhaps there is nothing quite so motivating as having the right tunes pumping through your system. As any athlete will tell you, though, not all earphones are created equal. The wrong type will leave you sweaty, uncomfortable, or downright annoyed, interfering with your workout. We’ve searched high and low and found the best earphones for athletes. Here’s the list, including details on why each of these 5 earphones sets may be just perfect for you.

Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones ($119.95)

Bose has an extensive reputation for being the best in sound quality, and these sport headphones are no exception, providing athletes with amazing tone balance for your listening pleasure. With the optional built-in mic and remote and four different colors from which to choose, users can find the perfect combination for their needs and style. The StayHear ear tips in three sizes keep the earbuds in your ears even when your workout gets tough. Add the Reebok fitness armband and overall sweat resistance and durability, and you have one of the best headphone sets available.

Koss Fit Series ($29.99)

If you are a female athlete tired of searching for the right earphone in a man’s world, Koss has heard your call to action, teaming up with Olympic swimmer Dara Torres to create the perfect solution. The Koss Fit Series earphones are available in both an over-the-ear clip and in-the-ear bud style in five different feminine colors. These earphones are 33 percent smaller than most earbuds and feature three different cushion sizes. They are sweat resistant, durable, and extremely lightweight.

Skullcandy Smokin Buds 2 ($29.99)

These sweat-resistant earbuds are designed to fit ear canals perfectly thanks to their angled design and oval-shaped port. The built-in mic comes standard and will control your music library and let you answer your phone while listening to your music. The Skullcandy Smokin Buds 2 come in eight different colors, ranging from understated to funky.

Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones ($45.00)

In the past, swimmers were just plain out of luck when it came to earphones, because all of the offerings were sweatproof, but not totally waterproof. Not so anymore, thanks to the new Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones. Starting with the short cord design, Swimbuds easily attach to your waterproof music device without a lot of cord clutter to slow you down or get tangled up. The earbuds themselves create a seal in the ear canal, although these earphones also come with a non-sealing pair of cushions for out-of-the-water or splashy activities.

Yurbuds Inspire Series ($29.99)

These flexible silicone earbuds are designed to stay in place comfortably without falling out when you are active. The excellent sound quality delivers a rich music experience, but the Inspire Series does not drown out all ambient noise, allowing you to stay aware of what is going on beyond your playlist. Yurbuds are both sweat and water resistant, so they will keep in top shape while you are doing the same. The all-white color scheme looks great with any device, and it comes with a convenient sport carry pouch.

When it comes to earphones and exercise, fit and performance are key. Whether you are looking for something basic or feature packed, around the ear or in the ear, these top sport earbud manufacturers have you covered. Look for a design that appeals to you, and then try them out to see if they feel right during your next workout. Most of these on the list have a very reasonable pricetag, so you won’t have to break the bank to find one that works for you.

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