PS4 vs Xbox One: Making the Decision

The wait is over for serious gamers. The Xbox One and the PS 4 are available and inevitably, they are compared. The two frontrunners in the gaming arena were both launched in November 2013 and if you were waiting to evaluate which one to buy, this article is for you.


Winner is PlayStation 4 as its Amazon price is $399.99 and the Xbox One sells for $499.99 at Amazon.


It is definitely a Tie. If you look at it on paper, PS 4 has GDDR5 RAM, whereas the Xbox One uses DDR3 RAM, giving PS 4 a slight advantage. That is the only aspect where they differ in hardware, 500GB internal hard drives, 8GB memory, 8-core AMD CPUs and Blue-ray optical drives found in both. The fact that they both are different operating systems and different architectures, it is not quite possible to effectively compare them.


The winner is the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One both have great gamepads. The Xbox One gamepad is updated from the Xbox 360 control with trigger buttons offering individual force feedback and more rounded feel. The PlayStation 4 however, keeps the best of the PlayStation 3 controller and fixed the worst. Controller feels nicer in-hand, more responsive triggers, and analog stick feels better. The PS 4 controller has a built-in speaker and touchpad in the middle. The DualShock 4 has an irritating light bar indicating which controllers are used and assigned to players that cannot be turned of or dimmed. That is the only downside, but overall it is the better control of the two.


It is another Tie. They both have excellent games and most popular games available on both systems. Both of them however have their own notable exclusives, as can be expected. PlayStation 4 has the Killzone and Xbox One has Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising3, and Killer Instinct. However, with both only les than a year old, great games are coming exclusively to each. You have no worry however as there are enough cross-platform games available and on the cards.

Online Services

PlayStation wins Online Services. Watching Netflix or playing online games obviously requires internet connection. PlayStation 4 uses PlayStation Network and Xbox One uses Xbox Live. Both require you to buy premium subscription plans. To use streaming media only Xbox One requires Xbox Live Gold. You do not need a PS Plus service for using any app on PS 4. Xbox One only has a handful of free titles. PS 4 on the other hand has a regular updated list of games, which are refreshed often.


The winner is Xbox One. The Xbox One has a Kinect camera with great features, provides facial recognition and voice control. The PlayStation 4 does not have a camera, although you can purchase an optional PlayStation camera. The voice controls of the PS 4 however are less sophisticated, but if you want to you can fork out the extra $60 for the PS4 camera.

Media Features

The winner is the Xbox One. Both PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One play Blue-ray movies and able to access a variety of online services. The Xbox One has television integration with Kinect-based voice control for live television. You can enjoy split screen view, playing games and at the same time browse the web or see what’s to watch on television.


Looking at the numbers, the PlayStation 4 wins. The main edge PlayStation 4 has over the Xbox One, is price. Either way both have outstanding qualities and features, but the determining factor will be the games and which platform has the best and widest variety.

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