Moto G vs Moto X2 – Comparison of Price, Specifications and Features

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The ever-increasing craze for state of the art smartphones and tablets has given a boost to mobile companies to do research and develop and update technology.

The common masses have a thing for state of the art smartphones and gadgets. Nevertheless, the mobile companies also do not want to be left behind in the smartphone race. Motorola is one company that has been in the mobile arena for a very long time. The Moto X was the first smartphone to venture to prove that high-end smartphones are beyond the boundary of pixels and cores. However, the Moto X tasted success, despite being priced on the higher side.

It has been less than a year since Moto X had been released. The rumours are that the company is about to launch its successor, the Moto X2. The Moto G would be in direct competition with the prospective release of Moto X2. The company has recently released the Moto G. The masses have developed a liking for the smartphones released by Motorola. The company, with its latest release and the one that is proposed to be released, is giving a tough time to its competitors. Let us compare some of the features, specifications and the price of these two hi-tech smartphones by Motorola.

Design, Dimensions, Display

The Moto G has similar design as that of its predecessor. The Moto G dimensions measure 129.9mm x 65.9mm x 11.6mm in height, width, and display. The device encompasses 4.5-inch HD display having a resolution of 1280×720 pixels. The device weighs 143gms.

The Moto X2 has similar design as that of Moto X. The Moto X2 is expected to be thinner than its predecessors. The device boasts of a 5.2-inch HD display having a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The device is expected to have 2GB of RAM.

Hardware and Software

The Moto G is powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 dual core 1.2GHz Cortex A7 CPU and Adreno 305 GPU. The smartphone runs on Android OS v4.3 (Jelly Bean) operating system that can be upgraded up to v4.4 (KitKat).

The Moto X2 is rumoured to be powered with better processor having 2.3GHz quad-core CPU. The Moto X2 is expected to run on Android OS version4.4 operating system.


The price of Moto G is $299.99 in comparison to the price of Moto X2, which is rumoured to be approximately $400.

As the mobile market is expected to swarm with a plethora of smartphones in the near future, the Moto X2 would be one smartphone to watch out for.

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