Waze – What Makes It One of Its Kind Navigation Apps?

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Waze has often been termed by many as the Wikipedia of the mapping world.

It is primarily a mapping and navigation app that offers you real time traffic updates. It is one of a kind app in the sense that users have the option of adding data as they can assist fellow drivers with the routes and directions and even live traffic updates.

Maps Is More than Knowing the Route

When a navigation app is designed, there are plenty of features that have to be taken care of. One of the key designs that have really revolutionized the way we have been looking at navigation maps is the real time assistance feature. Too many times, it has so happened that you decide to opt for a certain route only to find out that the track is so full of traffic that you end up being late for your destination.

When you have the option of real time data, users will be able to update the live traffic feed. This will help others in understanding the traffic condition and they in turn will be able to choose the right route that is not congested with traffic. This will help you reach your destination timely.

What Happens When Users Enters Wrong Data?

We are all aware of the issue of manual error. Some people in their bid to help others may end up entering wrong information. Having an app where users have the power to add information has the potential for a huge number of errors. This brings us to the question of what should be the possible solution to sort out the mess.

The answer lies in relying on other users. Think of Wikipedia? All the information contained in Wikipedia is user editable. Waze works on a similar concept and so far, it has really been useful because people have managed to receive the right set of instructions and guidelines and it has actually assisted them in being sure of routes to take and the ones to avoid.

Even if one of the users end up entering wrong data or say even if the data was accurate, but the traffic conditions have altered, another user can make the changes and this helps in keeping the accuracy up to date. Acquired by Google, this app is quickly becoming one of the top choices for everyone who is looking for right, accurate and real time instructions to reach a place.

When you receive accurate instructions and right traffic reports, you too want to help out others and you are more likely to share real time data. If you haven’t used this app before, all you need to do is download it on your mobile and take a look.

Some users have rated it to be the best navigation app simply because of the kind of use it serves. There is no harm in taking a look and exploring the different features that it has to offer. The odds are high that it will become your most preferred navigation app.

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