Minecraft PS4 Will Support Cross Play on Release Date

After having spent hours, days and even weeks to build the perfect structure in the open world sandbox game, it is obvious any gamer would want to save it at any cost.

Just because the console generation changed doesn’t mean they have to leave all their amazing work on an older generation platform and not have the ability to transfer them to the more powerful platform. Keeping this basic fact in mind, it seems Mojang is now working on a way that will enable players to transfer their structures and maps created already to the Minecraft PS4 edition. The game doesn’t have a solid release date so far but it is expected that it will mostly probably launch in the second or third quarter of this year. When it comes, the game developers want to make sure that you will be able to keep continuing with your creations and not feel left out in an all new world.

Play PS3 Maps on PS4

The company is working on making this possible at the moment and it was officially confirmed by Owen Hill, the Mojang representative. He was the one who confirmed that they are planning to release the game in the upcoming months but didn’t specify an actual date. When the media questioned him about such a vague reply, he clarified that rather than postponing the release date that will be very disappointing for fans, the company prefers to be vague so as to come up with a surprise announcement as soon as it is ready.

PS Vita Gets Them Too!

The developers 4J Studios are closely working with Mojang to make this possible and you will be able to move your creations to Minecraft PS4 edition. The objective doesn’t end there because it looks like the developers are planning something bigger. They want players to be able to continue building some amazing structure on PS3 and continue it on the handheld console as well. If you think it sounds very difficult to bring it to reality, you are wrong because the creators think it is possible. They want to find a way that will allow you to do the same on your PS Vita console as well. Like the next gen version of the game, Vita version doesn’t have a release date either.

Hill said that they will be releasing both these versions on different dates based on their development schedule. All three versions, including Minecraft PS4, PS3 and PS Vita are about to get a retail release. For a game that has a meager file size, it is surprising to know that the company is planning a physical copy edition. But, it is purely based on the huge fan base where millions of players would love to own a physical copy of the game. Besides, the Xbox 360 retail edition was a huge hit among consumers which has encouraged Sony to follow the same path and chances are high that it could easily break the records set by their competitors. It’s going to be a short wait before more news come in.

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