Moto G vs Moto X2 – Comparing Design, Features, Battery and Other Specifications

Moto G, released in the year 2013, was considered one among the very best smartphones released last year.

In terms of monthly volumes, Moto G still leads the smartphone arena.

However, Motorola has been struggling to keep up the standard maintained by Moto G, with its Moto X variant. Despite the Moto X being equipped with updated features, the smartphone lacks the killer blow to woo people. However, with the expected release of Moto X2, in the month of August or September, the company may eventually provide the masses with the telling feature.


The Moto G is made of premium materials, which does not cater the smartphone with a medium range feeling. When held in the hand, it provides the smartphone with an air of quality. Similar is the case with the Moto X smartphone and there is not an iota of doubt that the Moto X2 would come with a similar design. The Moto G is a bulky smartphone providing the user with 11.6mm of thickness. Overall, it is a huge smartphone. The Moto G comes equipped with a 4.5-inch screen having a resolution of 720p. In comparison, the Moto X2 is expected to come equipped with a 5-inch screen having a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.


Both the Moto G and the Moto X are Motorola’s products. However, both these smartphones use different technology when it comes to display. The Moto G comes equipped with an IPS panel having superior viewing angles, whereas the AMOLED technology used in the Moto X comes with high contrast ratios. Now, whether the Moto X2, expected to be released in September, would come with AMOLED technology or would the company prefer LCD panels, as that of other Android based smartphones, is yet to be seen.


Motorola has updated its smartphones with a number of features. The company provided the Moto X with an option of different internal storage capacity variants. The Moto X comes in 16GB and 64GB internal storage capacity variants. The company was very careful to keep the interests and requirements of the masses and hence catered the masses with different options. The Moto G is considered a budget smartphone and offered the masses with 8GB and 16GB internal storage capacity variants. It does not come as a surprise as being a budget smartphone; the Motorola would cut down features in certain areas. However, both these smartphones do not come with an external storage enhancement slot.

In terms of memory, not enough information has been provided for yet to be released Moto X2. However, if the company has to compete with other Android smartphones, the Moto X2 has to come equipped with enhanced memory or external memory slot.


Moto G might be a budget smartphone, but the internals reveal a different story. The smartphone provides the user with a power packed performance. The Qualcomm Snapdragon, running at a speed of 1.2GHz powers the Moto G smartphone. The smartphone is quick in every respect. However, the 1GB RAM also contributes to the quickness of the Moto G smartphone. In comparison, the Moto X2 is expected to come with a RAM of 2GB, as that of its predecessor, the Moto X. However, in terms of the processor, the Moto X2 is expected to be equipped with superior Snapdragon 801 processor, running at a speed of 1.7GHz.

Battery Life

The Moto G comes with a non-removable battery unit of 2070 mAh. The Moto X comes equipped with better specs than the Moto G smartphone. In terms of battery specs, Motorola reveals less information for its latest release, the Moto X2 smartphone. However, it is expected that the Motorola X2 would offer considerable improvement in terms of battery life, taking into consideration, X2’s 5-inch display.


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