Top 6 Messaging Apps You Should Use

Looking to text your friends? There are various apps that will be of use to you and we will list some of the best ones to serve your needs.


This app has been rated as the number one choice among messaging apps. The user count for this app is increasing everyday and the fact that you can send messages to your international contacts for free is another reason for its huge popularity.

You can not only chat with your friends, but you can make groups and send multimedia files and even share your location easily too. You need to pay an annual subscription after a year of free usage.


Founded by a Chinese tech giant, this app is also gaining huge popularity. The user base has increased tremendously ever since its launch in 2010. It offers stickers, official accounts and lot many other features that you can enjoy.
This app too is available free of cost and is ideal for those who want to stay connected all the time.


Viber is more than just another regular messaging app. Apart from offering you the comfort of sending messages and staying connected, it also allows you to make free calls. You can make calls to your domestic and international contacts for free and talk to them for long hours without spending an extra buck.

This is one such app which also has a desktop version. It is best for those who need an app that they can also access from their PC too.


Made by a Japanese company, Line is mainly known for its huge stock of stickers. There are too many animated stickers to choose from and you will never find it hard to express yourself ever again. Apart from this, line also offers you the option of making free calls.

There are various other features as you can find games and official accounts of celebrities and a lot of other things as well with this app. This app is free to use too. You can choose to buy upgrades, stickers and more, but if you are not willing to spend your money, you can enjoy full use of the app at zero cost as well.

If you are looking for a somewhat different kind of an app, this is the one you should not miss. It is also called a walkie talkie or even push to talk app because merely clicking on the talk button will allow you to send messages to your friends. If their app is running, the voice message or the multi media message sent by you might play by itself. Otherwise, it will be delivered like a voicemail and they can hear it later on.

These are six of the best messaging apps which you can make use of. Most people tend to have more than one installed on their phone as they make use of these apps for sending messages to their friends. Explore the details of each one of them and download them today.

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