GTA 5 – What Fans Wish For With 1.13 Update?

The 1.12 update for GTA V is already live and it is funny that the release came with a bug that allowed players to generate unlimited money.

The bug will most probably be fixed soon with another update, but Rockstar hasn’t released any official notes on the same. The update can now be downloaded from the official stores for Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. Now, everyone is already asking for the High Life Update which Rockstar has been teasing for a while.

Some of the speculated additions that will be part of this release include an ability to buy two different premium apartments simultaneously, be the owner of two different garages and the ability to add some sophisticated vehicles to their arsenal. As the name suggests, it is one update that will put the players on the pedestal of the high class society and allow them to be the king of the lands. Besides, after having earned so much money completing missions, heists and other illegal activities, it is given that they should have the opportunity to spend them all on premium content.

High Life and Heists

As promised by the development company, the High Life update for GTA V is scheduled to launch in Spring and there will be one more update to look forward to this season. The 1.12 update was definitely exciting for the entire player community because it brought along the Capture Creator tool. Everyone now has the freedom to create their own missions, which will be added to the Rockstar social club and people will be able to rate them based on how good they are. The leader board will be filled with the best missions, which you can visit to download them and start playing. The tool offers the ultimate freedom to the creative minds.

Even though, all of them are extremely addictive and has great re-playable value, it is the GTA V Heists mode that everyone has been looking forward to. The update will be a separate one after the High Life Update rolls out and it will be the last one to get released this Spring. Things are expected to change after this because it is being speculated that the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions are about to launch shortly. The listing has been made by an online retailer but Rockstar is yet to comment on the same.

The Wishlist

A list of features expected with GTA V High Life 1.13 update is already known, but if you have a wish list with some interesting features, why don’t you share it below? The company definitely has planned many of them and are working on it, but they would love to know more what the players think before they roll out the update. The patch notes definitely need improvement and it is the gamers who should let the company know what they want. Just shoot your queries and we hope that Rockstar takes notice of the voice from the community as they will definitely want to make everyone happy when their updates land on the console platforms.

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