Angry Birds Free – Now Download the New Update on Rio

For those of you, who are fans of animated movies and Angry Birds, there is certainly good news.

Angry Birds Rio has recently got a brand new update – an entire new episode this time. The game, inspired by Twentieth Century Fox Animation’s hit blockbuster movie Rio, is trying to pay its tribute to the second installment in the movie franchise. With this new episode, Angry Birds is trying to re-captivate the attention of some of its ardent fans, who have now moved on to newer and better games. The release of the new update comes on the heels of the international release of the movie Rio 2.

The Update

In this new, updated version of the game – Angry Birds Rio 2.1.0, gamers will now get to play a new episode called Blossom River. The basic elements of the episode, including the Blossom River, have been taken directly from the movie. This new episode will feature a set of 20 new levels, along with six hidden bonus levels. With each completed level, you will begin to move further along the river. The graphics are the same as the classic Angry Birds, with some insets and elements taken from the movie. The game play remains the same, though the content will be brand new.

What’s New in the Episode?

In this new episode, players will not only have to battle with their arch enemies – the pigs, but also drifting boats as they run along the river. Along with these drifting boats, the players will also have to take care of the pesky monkeys within the boats. This adds an element of differentiation in the game, and Angry Bird lovers are sure to enjoy this one. Of course, for the fans of the movie, the episode is almost like a teaser to warm you up for the premier.

How is Angry Birds Rio Different?

Angry Birds Rio has very different content than the other games in the franchise. However, there is another crucial difference. Unlike all the other Angry Birds games, which feature a single app download, this game has been created in two different avatars. There is the Angry Birds Rio HD, which is especially designed for the larger screens of tablets like the iPad and iPad Mini, and there is the simple Angry Birds Rio, designed for the smaller screens of the Smartphone users. The two different versions of the app became a huge hit because of the clarity and comfort they offered to the different screen sizes and resolutions. Both of these versions are free, however, they have different in-app purchases and you can also purchase extra powerups to improve your game in case you are stuck somewhere.

What Does the Future Hold?

There are several other critical updates on many of the existing Angry Birds games, while the world awaits the launch of two new games – Angry Birds Stella, which will be launched later in 2014, and the role playing based Angry Birds Epic, which has already been previewed in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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