Titanfall Frontier’s Edge DLC – Dig Site Map First Look Screens

Titanfall from Respawn Entertainment is still going strong even though most players opine that the game doesn’t have the life that Battlefield or Call of Duty does.

While trying to mount a titan and kill hoards of AI players, as well as some human pilots, sound fun, it kind of tends to get repetitive after a while. If you have purchased the game copy already, then it might be a good bet to buy the upcoming DLC Frontier’s Edge which will bring three new interesting maps to explore. Lack of maps could very well be a deciding factor because any game would look and feel huge, only when there are multiple maps in online multiplayer to play.

Battlefield 4 has such a strong fan following, because of the DLCs as well as the base ten maps that developers at DICE provided at launch. Titanfall will have better longevity with these new maps and maybe it might boost some life back into the title. The developers at Respawn Entertainment recently showed off first look screens, of a map titled Dig Site. It will be one of the three maps that come with the Frontier’s Edge DLC and from what we saw on the screens, it actually looks promising, offering good space to engage in hardcore battles against sprawling titans.

A Bloody Ground War

The Dig Site map in Titanfall is going to be more on the ground, because the environment has been designed in such a way that both titans and pilots will be walking around a lot. It doesn’t end there, because the creators have also added elevation to the mining site, where pilots could hop on to and attack those huge titans without being spotted. According to the official description posted in the Titanfall forum, it is a mining site which has been halted for a while owing to the war.

The Militia will be responsible for defending their crucial asset, while their enemies, the IMC will be waging an all-out war against them to take control of the site. There are so many rocks which are added to the location that offers better cover for pilots to hop and move through, without getting hurt by those powerful Titan bullets. For pilots, the developers say that there will be plenty of short and mid-range combat taking place, where they have to defend themselves and not lose to the opponent. Unlike other titles where we see only human players, Titanfall has easy AI opponents which might make it difficult to defend in close range combat, when a human pilot comes out of nowhere and shoots you down.

Titans Move Around

In the Dig Site map which is part of the Frontier’s Edge DLC for Titanfall, Titans will be given the role to keep moving around and patrol the narrow pathways, while making sure that pilots don’t take them out by taking cover in those big boulders. It will be an equal fight that is challenging, as well as offering plenty of action, to keep you engaged. The reveal of the other two maps are expected shortly.

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