Google Maps – Does not Work with Apple CarPlay

If you are the owner of an iPhone then you probably would have got used to using Apple Maps.

Apple has released a preview of something they call CarPlay, which is an iOS integration system and looks set to be their only solution for mapping within a car.

What CarPlay Entails?

The integration system that Apple has just recently released will take the core of the iPhone and enable cars to use it. In order for the system to function correctly, you will need to connect an iPhone through a Lightning cable, and this will then allow the driver to use the infotainment system in the car, thereby enabling them to use Siri, play music, make phone calls and even allow to select different apps, including Maps. The problem is that the only map app that you will be able to use is Apple Maps and not Google Maps.

When using CarPlay, the only access that it will grant users is the applications that you already have installed on your connected iPhone. When they launched CarPlay, the only applications that worked were iHeart Radio, Sportify, Sticher and Beats Radio, meaning fans of Rdio will not be able to use it.

Unfortunately, there are going to be many people who feel that this is not exactly anything to shout about, but not all is lost.

The launch of Apple Maps

Since the launch of Apple Maps, which was a disaster, things have finally improved. It has thus made Apple Maps experience one that is almost on a par with Google Maps. Although the only things that it does seem to lack is the extra data which is available on Google Maps such as Street View destinations and web integration and some relevant review data.

The in-car iOS previewed in June 2013 by Apple made Apple Maps one of its main features. However, with CarPlay being in development for such a long time, it is considered to be one of the main reasons behind the launch of Apple’s own mapping service and to move things along. And the last thing that Apple wants to rely on is a service provided by Google for their iOS vehicle integration system.


It seems that Google has also been working on a platform of their own that is similar to Apple’s CarPlay. In early January, rumors had suggested an Open Automotive Alliance between General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Audi and chipmaker NVIDIA – who are partners of CarPlay except Nvidia and Audi. Although there have been no specific details and are apparently nonexistent, a recent job posting in Daimler stated that a car head unit is to be ‘integrated seamlessly’ with Android.

With safety being of the utmost importance, it is no wonder that both Google and Apple are approaching integration with a vehicle with apprehension, due to the in-vehicle controls working with CarPlay and Siri working through voice commands.

CarPlay is demonstrated at the Geneva Auto Show

The Geneva Auto Show will demonstrate CarPlay and the release of more details will become available. This will force Apple to announce their system at the show, hence the lack of important developer details, with Apple still having many questions unanswered when it comes to developer support. It seems that June 2014 is when those much needed answers will finally come out, thus no longer making this a problem after all.

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