Minecraft Xbox One, PS4 Snapshot 14w32d Update Details and Progress

The new versions of the popular game Minecraft from 4J Studios, Minecraft Xbox One Editions and Minecraft PS4 Edition, are incredibly awaited by the players.

The game creators are deeply focused on the removing the little problems before launching the editions in the perfectly way possible.

On Twitter 4J Studios explained that they are in progress with the bugs solving and they will let the people know when the game will be tested by The Cert teams.

Actually the creators have been busy with those bugs since the middle of July. In April, Mojang declared that the new versions of Minecraft will be accessible this year in August.

Minecraft SnapShot is now available

Minecraft 1.8 update is in progress at the moment. Mojang released the new snapshot, Minecraft 14 w 32 d.

The developer, Mojang, related on his website that the Snapshot 14 w 32 d solves the matter with joining firm server and it shouldn’t crash any longer.

The previous snapshot was concerned on fixing problems like providing block objects and clash treatment when near walls. The list of problem fixes the following :

  •  Cannot put blocks on TNT
  •  If a carpet is on top of a step it is impossible to go upstairs
  •  Entity-data does not modify till relog the place tag on armor stands
  •  Clash bug when the player is going up a tilt adjoining to a three high wall
  •  Armor stands waste armor in creative – whole pile of objects
  •  Existing – old cases are unseen
  •  Jungle planks create spruce fences and gates

The latest releases of snap shots the Minecraft 1.8 has present a wide range of additions. We also can include modifications like : the inclusion of the red sand stone, rabbit sounds, banners, armor stand, optimizations and servers custom for network compression.

If the snap shots are already launched now are a low number of bugs, which would go to the debut approach of the update. More of them are now awaited from the game creator in the next months and of course the releasing date of Minecraft 1.8.


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