Clash of Clans Free Download – How to Outsmart Your Enemies

Clash of Clans is a free game that is very popular among gamers and known for its excellent graphics and gameplay.

It was developed by Supercell and it was first offered in the App Store in August 2012 and later in October on Google Play store. Today, it is ranked among the best and most popular strategy or combat games. The success of the game has made Supercell a $3 billion company today, and it is reported that the game draws in $654,000 each day. You can play in on iOS as well as Android devices.

The main goal of the game is that players build a village and expand it by upgrading. They also join clans and attack others, buy gems and so on. Here are some top tips to lead your Clan to a great victory.


Players must be patient, as every bit of progress in the game takes some time. They must also be patient while using the gems and not fall into temptations of using them when it is not advisable. They must spend the gems after deliberating whether it would really be beneficial and worth it to spend them.

Getting Achievement Points

There might be other players and opponents who might pay real money to get gems, but this is really not necessary. The player can get some achievement points and this will enable him to increase his progress. For instance, if the player gets 1250 points, he can get 250 gems. They can also complete other tasks, such as cleaning up the trees and the rocks or the mushroom and the logs and obtain additional gems, though these might not be much.

Planning Attacks

Attacks as well as defenses must be planned in great detail and after giving it thought. When attacking or defending, it would be advisable to plan it in such a way as to get 50% resources and more than two stars. If you are playing a defensive strategy, try upgrading air defenses as well as mortal, keeping them to the center and providing ample protection. If you are planning an offensive strategy, you must attempt to upgrade the town hall and the production of elixir, after which the barracks and camps need to be upgraded. You can use bait to drag heroes and members of the opposing clan, using thunder spells to bring them to death.

Attacking Weak Players

It is important to select the right player to attack and you must not select one who has a higher town hall level, but rather a lower one. Of course, in this case, you will be able to collect only a little resource, but you will be rewarded with ore trophies and you will surely be victorious. So, you need to use strategy and pass up some attacks while selecting weaker ones.

Fortification of Village

Fortify your village using upgradable walls. Increasing the number of walls between your resources and the outside will increase protection. There should not be any free space in the fortification area. Keep your units close and see that they are protected with good defenses, such as cannons. There should also be a sufficient buffer zone between the center and the outside wall.

Maxing the Army

When you leave the game, see that the Army camps are absolutely maxed out and that there is a queue, so that you can use the elixir rather than allow others to loot your resources. Barracks need to be queued, so that the elixir gets restored when you remove them from the queue.

Following these and other tips and playing with care, patience, strategy and planning will help you sail through the levels and upgrade quickly.

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