Viber Free Download Best App With Unlimited Minutes and Features

With its latest product lines and features the world of Information Technology is always impressive. Nowadays, Google Play Store has grown and widen by far. For messaging and calling have been launched certain applications which are simplifying them a lot.

Viber is an amazing application for instant text messages or voice calls, which can be downloaded for absolutely free from iStore for Apple users or from Google Play Store for Android devices. This application is pretty easy to use; you need only Wi-Fi connections, then you are able to start accessing and enjoying calls and messages unlimited, without any additional costs.

As just said, setting up this app is simple and it takes less than one minute. Once it is installed on your smartphone, it will ask your allowance to access your contacts on your mobile. After this set up is finished, you will be able to use the phone numbers of your friends from your agenda as their user IDs. Unlike other similar apps, VIBER enables a single user to use one phone number at a time. Also, VIBER can be run on a big number of platforms, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone7 and 8, Symbian or PCs operating through a Windows operating system.

The graphic design of this application is minimalistic, provided that it has a different and plain feature. Also, for accessing the contacts, messages or keypad, Viber has simple navigation-bar. Thus, Viber has one inconvenience; it doesn’t have the feature to show a public status.

The very best thing about VIBER is that you are able to use it for free voice calls and text massages with anyone who has this app. However, if you want to make a call to a non-user of VIBER you will have to make a payment. VIBER determines for you who of your contact numbers are using the Viber app and offers you an invitation to send to your friends to install a similar app to their devices for enjoying freely and unlimited chats.

Besides, Viber provides a variety of lovely Emoticons, which are far beyond the ordinary because they are animated and super cute, making you to love the app even more. Also, there are available on in the app a wide range of stickers, easily and freely for using in your text messages.

However, Viber is the best app for instant messaging on the current market; plus it is a great savior of money for calls and texts.




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