Blackmagic Studio Camera: Specifications, Features and Price

Described by the manufacturer as “the world’s smallest broadcast camera with the world’s largest viewfinder” the Blackmagic Studio Camera is one of the world’s most advanced broadcast camera for live-production. It is tough with a lightweight magnesium-alloy body and is packed with built-in features needed for multi-camera production and broadcast. The super bright viewfinder and the compact size of Blackmagic Studio Camera makes it great for sitcoms, talk shows, broadcast news, live concerts and even sporting events. The lightweight compact design, foldable sunshade and interchangeable lenses mean that you can easily pack an entire multi-camera live production-rig into a single road-case. Since it’s easy to set up, it is also great for corporate AV-departments, schools, houses of worship, and more.

The new Ultra-HD display delivers pictures which have 4 times resolution of 1080-HD, that is a massive 3840 by 2160 pixels. The camera has an active Micro Four-Thirds lens mount which is compatible with a wide range of adapters and lenses. Third party lens adapters let the user connect to all kinds of lens mounts for any type of lens they choose.

The 10-inch high resolution screen has a large viewing angle which lets the user see in amazing detail thus enabling them to frame, focus, change the iris settings, and make subtle adjustments, even when live on air.

The Blackmagic Studio Camera is the world’s 1st camera with a built-in fiber optic connection, allowing the user to use single thin-tether cable to connect the cameras to live-production switchers. The optical fiber connection is bi-directional and carries Ultra-HD video with embedded talkback, audio, tally and camera remote control.

The camera has a built-in talkback meaning the crew and camera operator can communicate during the production. It supports tally SDI standard used on ATEM range of live-production switchers. This means tally from switcher is broadcast to all the cameras from all the video outputs of the ATEM switcher and it is sent to the Blackmagic Studio Camera through the program video connection. Tally lights illuminate automatically when the camera is on live, and stay illuminated during multiple camera transitions. It includes a professional aviation headsets jack and stereo XLR-microphone inputs. All the connections are organized on the right and left sides of the camera, which makes them accessible and quite easy to use.

It can be easily remotely controlled from the ATEM live production switcher via the SDI connections. It also has a full DaVinci Resolve primary color corrector meaning you can color balance the cameras and add creativity to the live production. All the settings can be easily controlled including the colors, the full lens control, and more. It has a huge battery which will power your camera for over 4 hours. and when it is time to connect to power, an industry standard 12V-4 pin XLR-power connector is built-in for better compatibility and strength.

Other Features and Specifications:

  • Lens Mount
  • An Active MFT Mount
  • Screen Dimensions: 1 by 10.1 inch and 1920 by 1200
  • Screen Type: 10.1 inch – TFT LCD
  • Effective Sensor Size: 12.48mm by 7.02mm
  • Integrated stereo microphone
  • A battery life of approximately 4 hours
  • A battery charge time of approximately 4 hours
  • Power: Integrated Lithium Ion-Polymer rechargeable battery. 11V 30V DC-port for external battery-power.

Also Included:

  • Sun Shield and attaching-screws
  • A turret dust cap
  • A 12V AC Adapter
  • 3G SDI
  • Optical Fiber

Product Warranty: A 12 Month Limited-Manufacturer’s Warranty.

You can quickly access the important controls using a built-in row of buttons that is below the viewfinder. You get to adjust the iris and focus the control with just touch of a button, you can activate talkback and also see return video. The dedicated buttons will let you easily switch between video and film modes, display safe area markers, and also turn on the menu controls whenever you want to change camera-settings.

Released earlier this year, the Blackmagic Studio Camera HD costs $1,995 while the Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K costs $2,995.

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