Flappy Bird Free Download – Why all this Hatred?

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Simple Genius

Flappy Bird is a free game that you can play on your smartphone.

It offers a simple interface and you just need to keep tapping to make the bird flap its wings. However, the game is quite difficult and it may take you many minutes to go through a single pipe gate and a lot of effort to achieve scores more than ten.

Some even say that the game has been downloaded very often as it is highly frustrating and people want to just play and then start tweeting how much they hate it! Part of the reason for so much dislike towards the game has to do with the many misunderstandings related to the games industry and creators. Though the game involves merely a simple interaction, the alchemy of the various parts of the game is such that players often fail and when they do, they blame themselves. The game is great and focuses on a simple input, but the player has to make split second decisions. This has a lot to do with flapping and about when to flap. This is actually a great piece of genius.

The success of Flappy Bird is attributed to the creator, Dong Nguyen, who is based in Vietnam. In fact, there are rumors that the app store has been spammed with false ratings brought in from disguised IP addresses. However, Nguyen claims that it is purely a matter of luck that the game has enjoyed such amazing success.

Removed from Stores

Flappy Bird has been removed from the iStore as well as the Google Play store in February 2014, and it is being rumored that Nintendo are responsible for the problem. It seems that Nintendo had issued a legal challenge to the developers, claiming that the artwork used in Flappy Bird was similar to the Nintendo Mario gameplay and this had resulted in the game being removed from the stores. It was also rumored that the game was removed from the app store, as the developer was not able to cope with all the criticism leveled at the game. Dong Nguyen had tweeted that he would take down Flappy Bird from the stores, as he was not able to take it anymore. Some gamers feel that this is a kind of victory for honest designing of games, whereas others have criticized the developer for complaining, when in fact, he had been earning more than $50,000 from the game on a daily basis.

Cashing in on eBay

As a result of this, hundreds of other apps cloning the Flappy Bird started appearing and being released in the app stores. In addition, eBay started seeing sales offers of thousands of phones that had the Flappy Bird game already downloaded and installed it. This formed the major selling point of these phones.

The Good News

However, Nguyen, the developer, has stated that Flappy Bird will soon be back for free downloading on smartphones. In fact, there is more good news for avid players of this game, as Flappy Bird is supposed to be released soon with an updated version. However, the game also comes with suitable warnings to take routine breaks from the game.

Why Gamers hate it

Flappy Bird is the top free app in Google’s Play store. It has turned into such a phenomenal success, that it is being touted as the next Angry Birds. The game involves controlling a pudgy bird. If you tap the screen once, the bird starts soaring into the sky, whereas if you leave it untapped, it plummets downwards. The world of this bird is filled with pipes and the player has to guide the bird through gaps in these pipes. If you are not able to guide it properly even through a single gap, the bird dies, and you start all over again. Gamers have not reacted very well to this, being frustrated and also filled with a hopeless need to achieve success.

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