Grid Autosport Racing Game: Super Fun, Super Thrill Combo

If you are a racing game addict and you get the adrenaline pump by driving cars on your console, Grid Autosport is the perfect racing game for you.

Developed and published by Codemasters, Grid Autosport is the next installment in the hugely successful racing game franchise which has titles like Race Driver: Grid and Grid 2 to its credit. The game had a grand launch on a worldwide scale on all the latest gaming platforms like the Microsoft Windows, XBox 360 and the Play Station 3 in June 2014. The game has single player as well as multiplayer playing options, which make it fun and thrilling to enjoy alone or with friends. The new version of the game has been revamped with many new features and some older ones have been improved to suit the changing tastes of the modern racing gamers and the improving dynamics due to technological advancement in the sphere of video gaming. As a result, the new game is fast flying off the shelves just like the cars which fly on the tracks within the game.

The New Features

The game has been revamped and it now features over a hundred routes where players can play over a network of twenty two locations. The in-car view of the game, which was removed in the Grid 2 edition of the game, is now brought back, making the game even more fascinating and the authentic and manual handling systems have been greatly improved upon.

Another important and highly attractive feature has been the introduction of many classic and contemporary high performance and high speed cars. The cars have been divided into five categories namely Endurance, Open Wheel, Street, Tuner and Touring cars with each section being further divided into three tiers. The bottommost tier has the cars that are the slowest as compared to the ones which are in the higher tiers and are high performing, luxurious premium cars. Overall, the game features seventy eight excellent and gorgeous looking cars that can be bought and driven as one progresses with the game, each having its own level of handling and speed.

Other Features

There are a large number of playing modes where you can play with the specific cars chosen for that location and environment. You can test and wear your tires in the Endurance events while the Touring events are more aggressive and involve open park racing. The open wheel cars are to be driven with precision and efficiency while there are different challenges for drift racing and street racing for the mad drivers. A large number of series and events are also there to give you a taste of a plethora of driving skills and a chance to test your gaming abilities. Super cars, Muscle cars, drift, time attack, destruction derby and hyper cars are some of the most played series, with several others also available. All this, and that too over a wide range of locations, set the adrenaline rush flowing in you. It is indeed a game for the hardcore action racing lovers, who swear by speed and thrill.

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