Download Free Android Apps on PC – Tricks on Android Functionality for Your Computer

We have come to a point where technological breakthroughs are the norm.

And one of those breakthroughs is the release of an Intel computer that can run both desktop applications and Android applications. It sounds cool, doesn’t it? But wait. If you think you have to buy a new computer just to get this kind of functionality, think again. If you do not want to buy a new computer but you still want to be able to enjoy this kind of flexibility in application compatibility, there are a few tech tricks that tech geeks might have never told you before.

Use the Official Android Emulator

Google has its own official Android emulator that you can actually access using your mobile device as well as access on your computer. If you like tinkering around with stuff, your smartphone is probably one of the things that you will find most satisfying to play around with. It has a suite of many different options that you can tweak a bit here and there, if you really want your phone personalized.

Using another Android application that can do about as much as a jail breaker can to an iPhone, you can browse through the internal structure and data of your smartphone. Using this application, you can easily browse through your Android SDK.
When used on a desktop computer or a laptop, Google’s Android emulator can basically let you use your computer like a smartphone device. However, this emulator is quite raw and has the tendency to lag a lot, which makes it quite inconvenient for use if what you are looking for is an emulator that you want to use on a regular basic.


This program is by far the most widely used one among all the Android emulators on the market. This is because it is very easy to use, does not require your computer to switch to Android functionality while you are using it, and makes it convenient to download Android applications through the Android Market.

When you run Bluestacks, it opens as a separate program, which is why it does not have to take up or hijack all of your computer’s screen and functionality. It allows you to have a program that looks exactly like a smartphone or a tablet computer just running on your PC. Aesthetics-wise, it copies a smartphone screen, down to the tiniest details such as battery level, screen brightness, and others.

If you are looking to download PC versions of applications that you have on your mobile device but cannot access your mobile device for the verification process or to complete the setup, this program can come in really handy. It will enable you to sync on your Bluestacks program the information that you have on your mobile device. This includes your phone contacts as well as your email address and the settings that go with it.

Another great thing about Bluestacks is that it can be downloaded for absolutely no cost. So it does not matter whether you are simply looking for short-term solutions or long-term alternatives, because Bluestacks can do the job for you.

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