4 Best Games Like Maplestory

Our best collection of games like MapleStory provide a 2D side-scrolling genre that you can enjoy playing online. It offers the best MMORPGs and uses simple mouse and keyboard patterns. The games like MapleStory provide a multiplayer online platform. These games provide 3D adventures or simple 2D-related MMO experiences. This means they are highly accessible even at low working systems.

Tree of Savior:

This game is developed by IMC games and provides free MMORPG. When popular Nexon and MMO Ragnarok Online are combined in the video game industry, it introduces Tree of Savior for you. In terms of MMO, it is fairly modern as it was released in 2016. It has many similarities with MapleStory, as it provides 2-2.5D graphics anime style. You can even upgrade your armor and weapons, and there are even parties to make the game fun and interesting for you.

The game developers have introduced a class system rework, faster leveling, new servers, and many more features. One of the biggest advantages of this game is it doesn’t pay to win the game. You focus mainly on enhancing your PvP potential. As a free player, you can go quite far. This means if you want to scratch the MapleStory itch, then you have to give it a try.


Nexon introduced another MMORPG game. This game is quite distinctive as its settings and names are according to Welsh methodology. One great thing about Mabinogi is its unique social aspect and its storyline. In this gaming scene, the community is very friendly and will always help out in the game.

There is no class system or level cap, yet there is still enough content whose open-world exploration will keep you busy. Even the game was released in 2004, but there are still many new things and updates introduced. You can opt for any character you want in the game, from being a knight to ninja or a martial artist to chef. The game provides various positive and vibrant graphics that will surely enlighten your mood.

Dungeon Fighter Online:

It is another Korean online game by Neople. The game was introduced in 2005 but still in 2021 have a great number of players. DFO is a multiplayer action game that is more of an arcade-type. It provides you with 2D character graphics for the boss raids and loot arming, providing many fun activities in the game. The unique combat mechanics of the game makes it quite different from others.

There are 40 different classes which means it provides you with an opportunity to play several roles. There is even a crafting system in the game. Now you don’t even need to spend a lot of money or time having fun. Just open DFO and enjoy the game.

Lunaria Story:

If you are searching for a game like MapleStory and which you can play directly at your browser, try out Lunaria story. It is a 2D side scroller and provides toys with the same cartoon graphics as MapleStory. The monsters and characters present in the game are cute, and there is a lot of questing and mobbing. Therefore, if you are finding any game to kill your time, then go for Lunaria story.

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