How To Divorce Your Best Husband in Skyrim

Who doesn’t know about Skyrim, one of the most played open-world fantasy games in the world? This exploration-based game is widely famous among professional and amateur gamers alike. Skyrim is the fifth edition of the Elder Scrolls series and was launched a decade ago. Yet, its popularity and fandoms keep increasing as time passes. Its unexplored secrets and curious quests keep the players fascinated and engaged.

One of the best features of Skyrim is that you can play it however you want. There are different types of characters to choose from and various quests to accomplish. There is an abundance of items available. It is common among players to even hoard these items. In-app purchases are relatively cheap. You can often find stuff on sale. It can run on most of the devices without crazy specifications. You do not need to buy a gamer PC to enjoy this game. Thus, all kinds of gamers can play it.

Marriage in Skyrim

You can find love even in the most dystopian and war-struck areas of the game land. You can even get married in Skyrim and avail many advantages. To get married, you need to first wear the Amulet of Mara to indicate your interest. You can get it from a priest or discover it on random corpses.

You can marry characters of any race or gender. But matrimony can only be done once. You can only have one spouse so choose wisely. Marriage is the easy part, but divorcing can be difficult.

Divorce in Skyrim

The game doesn’t allow you to divorce your husband. You are bound for life. But you can use some tips and tricks to get rid of your best husband in Skyrim.

Kill Your Husband

If you want to get rid of your spouse, one of the options is to kill them. For the most part, you can kill the spouse if they are a non-player character. You can use sneaky ways and techniques to do this task. Make sure there are no witnesses or things may get a bit difficult.

 Once you have killed them, you become unmarried and can get with any other characters. It is usually the case unless any bugs occur claiming your dead spouse to be your fiancé.

Commands for Divorce

If you are a PC user, you can use console commands to get rid of your husband. All you need to do is open the console and enter these commands:

  • removefac 51596
  • removefac C6472
  • resetquest 74793
  • resetquest 21382
  • setstage 74793 10

Close the console. You will see your husband walking away indicating the end of the marriage. You will notice that your ring is also gone. If due to some bug it hasn’t, get rid of it. Now you are free of the bond of matrimony. You can choose to marry another husband. For this, get another Amulet of Mara after 24 hours. This is what Skyrim provides you to have fun in the game. Keep play and stay focused.

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