Easiest Pokémon to Draw (October 2021)

Drawing is not an easy task. It requires great time and practice to become an expert. Pokemon is a good choice for their fans to improve their drawing. You can easily practice art by drawing Pokémon as they have pleasing designs, clean lines, and have several simples to complex shapes. Basic shapes and less complex figures are easy to draw. Pokémon’s having basic forms include Gastly, Electrode, Voltord, etc.


Gastly has a circular shape and is in simple form but allows some variation in its style. Don’t feel troubled by the smoke surrounding its body. It’s just smoke or gas. Therefore, it can be of any shape. So, let yourself play with the smoke that is surrounding Pokémon’s body.


This type of Pokémon is simple yet lacks some basic features. Overall body is circular. Unlike Gastly, in Jigglypuff, there are some extra elements: arms, ears, a tuft of hair, feet which will help you enhance your artistic skills.

Voltorb and Electrode:

They both are combined as no complex features are required to make them. It’s just a circular face with two eyes. Only two colors, i.e., red and white, are required to make this character. They are a type of glorified poke balls. They are considered an excellent starting point for beginners who are practicing to enhance their artistic skills.


Diglett is an unusual character as its body is cylindrical. However, the gravel drawn around the body is a difficult task to do. But there is no need to draw it exactly the way it looks. You can play with its design and can add your style to the character.


The complexity of the character lies between Jigglypuff and Diglett. There is an addition of extra elements, i.e., melted wax. You can change the shape of this melted wax. For instance, you can let it melt less or more, as you like.


This dragon-shaped Pokémon is quite difficult to draw as compared to a simple circular face. It isn’t a pure circular face yet a relatively cute choice to draw because you might get bored after drawing easy Pokémon characters.


Castform involves multiple circles that resemble the shape of a cloud. Most people have a habit of drawing those fluffy clouds during their lectures or meetings to keep their hands running. This character has a cute small face and is somehow easier to draw. Hence while drawing Castform, keep the shape of that fluffy cloud in mind.


It is the most difficult character to draw on the list. Its feet and face are a great challenge for all the artists. The overall body shape is oval. Rowlett provides a good opportunity to practice face placement and basic features in Pokémon.


Sometimes drawing simple characters can be a boring task; hence we also need some fun in the drawing. Wooloo is a great challenge for you while being in the realm of ease. You can practice various advanced techniques of drawing with Wooloo. It is a good balance between simple and difficult tasks. The whole credit of this balance goes to the face, long legs, and braids.


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