Nexus 7 vs iPad Mini 2 – Best Hands-on Comparison of Interface and Functionality

Google and Apple waging war against each other was bound to happen.

Both these companies have been at each other’s throats for a long time. Taking the present year in consideration, various companies have released popular tablets in the market. Google and Apple are no exception to the updated releases. Let us compare the compact tablet versions of both these companies against each other to provide the potential buyer with an informed decision.

Google released Nexus 7 in 2013, which has proved itself through the test of time. The tablet continues to be popular with users, because of its high-end specs, great platform experience and a reasonable price. In comparison, iPad Mini 2 comes equipped with Retina Display, to keep up with the changing times, but with usual software upgrades and set of hardware.

The hard part is to choose the better handset among the two. Let us compare the two devices in terms of their interface and functionality to determine a handset suiting your requirements.

Interface and Functionality

The iPad Mini 2 comes with an improved design, Retina Display and iOS 7 upgrade. The tablet aims to provide user friendly navigation. In comparison, the Nexus 7 receives Android 4.4 KitKat upgrade, but in real time functioning, the operating system does not deviate much from Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Regardless, the tablet comes with latest features. The Vanilla experience caters the user with an array of perks, giving its counterparts a run for their money.

Multi-tasking: Both tablets have their own way of handling things. Therefore, it would be difficult to label one tablet superior than the other. Nexus 7 has the ability to gain access and come out of various apps easily; whereas, iPad Mini 2 offers the user with its five-finger gesture operations.

Notifications: Both tablets handle notifications in a similar manner. Regardless, Android overpowers the iOS. Both the tablets populate notifications at a central area, accessible 24×7. However, Android offers various functions with notification panel, as compared to the iPad Mini 2 tablet.

Nexus 7 comes with simple things, which makes the tablet experience more encompassing. In comparison, the iPad Mini 2 comes equipped with Retina Display that incorporates applications optimized for tablets.


Android based smartphones comprise of tablet-centric applications. However, in comparison, the iOS 7 comes equipped with more polished apps for the potential user. Regardless, the huge gap between both Android and iOS has been closing with every passing hour.


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