iPhone 6 Benchmark Results Leaked Ahead of Launch

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The iPhone 6 is all set to be launched in the next few hours.

As we get closer to the much awaited launch, several benchmark results and specifications about the phone has come out. Legitimate sources suggest that the iPhone 6 could feature the Apple A8 SoC processor coupled with 1 GB of RAM.

This processor is a dual core unit that is rated at 1.4 GHz in terms of speed. It is certainly not the fastest processor, especially in comparison with those offered by the likes of Sony and Samsung, but benchmark results of 2920 for multicore performance suggest that the phone is likely to be amongst there with the best. Performance results for single core operation come at 1633 which is also excellent. To put this into perspective, the iPad Air, which is the latest high-end device released by Apple, manages to get only a figure of 2678 in terms of multicore operation. Single core operations fetch a relatively low 1476 performance figure.

Camera samples from the rumored eight megapixel camera at the back have also come out. Considering that the iPhone 5S also had a similar configuration in terms of megapixels, there is not a lot of change in terms of detail. However, there seems to be an appreciable difference in terms of quality, which would be good enough. It remains to be seen if the phone would come with the ability to shoot 4K videos, something which is now being offered in most high-end smartphones.

Apple does not appear ready to come out with the 5.5 inch version just yet. It looks as if the American giant will come out only with the 4.7 inch version, which will have a maximum resolution of 1334×750 pixels. Of course, it is not 4K and it will be a disappointment! Stay tuned for more updates!

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