Can the iPhone 6 Plus Take on the Galaxy Note 4?

The much awaited feature on the iPhone, a large display, has finally been made a reality after the launch of the iPhone 6 Plus a few days ago.

This is the larger version of the iPhone 6, which has a 4.7 inch display. Large displays have become the norm of the high-end smartphone segment, but Apple has been rather late to cash in on this boom. The likes of Samsung, Sony, and HTC already have had enormous success with displays of more than 5 inches in size.


The iPhone 6 Plus may have a huge 5.5 inch display, but it certainly not feels bulky in the hand. Phones like the Galaxy Note 4 with their huge 5.7 inch displays are beyond the possibility of one-handed usage for most of the time. The iPhone 6 Plus certainly feels more compact even with this large display and this is undoubtedly a huge credit for Apple’s design department, which has always been lauded as one of the best in the industry.

One-Handed Usage

Still, the iPhone 6 Plus will seem a little difficult for one-handed usage at times, but Apple has come out with its own clever way of overcoming the problem. A simple double tap on the home button makes the top end of the screen pop up towards the bottom. Even though the notification bar is still at the top, this feature is extremely useful while browsing or trying to run apps located on the top end of the screen.


The Galaxy Note 4 was recently announced with a QHD display, which makes its display produce more than 500 pixels per inch. Apple does not seem ready to get into the pixel density war, as they have provided the iPhone 6 with only a 720p display. Due to its larger nature, the iPhone 6 Plus comes with a full HD display. Apple appears to have gone down the common sense that there will not be any appreciable increase in viewing quality by providing extreme resolution in displays that are around 5.5 inches. Further, this is also likely to diminish the battery life, which is a positive aspect on the iPhone 6 Plus.

Battery Life

The efficient iOS is set to get better with the version 8, which will be preloaded on the iPhone 6 Plus. This, coupled with a very powerful, yet efficient processor, means that the phone is likely to last more than a day on moderate usage. The battery life of the iPhone 6 Plus is in a speculative phase, as only Apple has had complete access to the device and such figures have come from the company itself. The real-world figures should become clear in the next few weeks when the iPhone 6 Plus hits the stores.

The larger phone will be available for sale along with the iPhone 6 on September 19 in the United States. It will cost $949 for the 128 GB version while the iPhone 6 with a similar memory will cost $849. The cheapest iPhone 6 will be priced at $649, while the cheapest iPhone 6 Plus will cost $749.

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