Amazon Fire TV vs. Roku vs. Chromecast vs. Apple TV – How they Compare with Each Other

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The release of the Fire TV media-streaming player, eventually, breaks Amazon’s entry into the set top box arena.

The Amazon Fire TV is priced at $99. The Amazon set top box faces quite a competition in the set top box segment. The already established Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku streaming devices have already made a market for themselves. However, the Fire TV has given a tough challenge to these already established media streaming boxes and streaming sticks. The Apple TV is priced at $99 in comparison to the $35 price of the Chromecast streaming stick and the $48 price of the Roku streaming stick.

Let us see how these media streaming players stack up against each other.

All these media streaming players cover the basics, making the users view various types of Full HD content on-demand on their television set. However, there are several distinctions among these media streaming devices. The user can watch Hulu Plus, Netflix and more pro sports channels on all these devices. The Apple TV cannot access the Amazon Instant Video library. In lieu of it, the Apple TV offers iTunes Store access to the user, which is not available to other media streaming devices. The two dongle sticks from Google and Roku are lower in price and can be placed behind the TV set without being seen. The two dongles also have to compromise in terms of lack of Ethernet and other external ports. The Apple TV and the Amazon Fire TV offer the users optical connections. In addition, the Fire TV also offers USB ports.

With respect to the core features and user experience, it has become very difficult to differentiate between the Roku and Apple TV. The Amazon Fire TV comes with a plethora of features that its counterparts lack. The most impressive feature is the voice search mode of the Amazon Fire TV remote. The built-in microphone in the remote of the Fire TV set-top box enables the user to navigate and browse through a list of movies, genre or actor with ease. Roku offers the user an option of making use of the virtual keyboard, with your mobile device, similar to that of the Apple TV with the iOS gadgets. However, it would mean keeping track of another gadget when you are watching a movie.

Amazon comes with a quad core processor paired with 2GB RAM that works three times as fast as the other media streaming devices. Clearly, Amazon Fire TV tops the chart in the comparison made with Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku streaming devices.


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