Adobe Flash Player 14 – High Impact Web Content Upgraded

The Adobe Flash Player series 12 and 13 were created for high end and a more fulfilling web experience, while the Adobe Flash Player 14 comes up with many fixed bugs and added features.

Read this article to know about the list of bugs that have been fixed in this version and what other features it has to offer us.

Anisotropic Filtering

If you have struggled at viewing oblique images on the web, then this anisotropic feature is here to clear you off your troubles. Adobe Flash Player 14 presents filtering options to enhance the quality of oblique angles and images you are looking at in the filter sampling options. Setting values and parameter filters can do the job for you.

New Stage 3D Standards

This developer-friendly feature is an added advantage in Adobe Flash Player 14 version. Developers can use this feature while creating Context3D.

A designer or web developer will be allowed to draw geometric patterns to multiple outputs in one draft. There is a Floating Point Texture embedded in Adobe Flash Player 14 which allows the developers to create Texture, Rectangle Texture and Cube Texture while they develop high end websites. Also, the register size has been expanded with a nice fragment depth output and a conditional forward jump, making the life of a designer easy.

While the above features have been introduced in Adobe Flash Player 14, the certain bugs have been fixed.

Bugs Fixed to Perfection

  • Security and stability fixes have taken the show up to a higher level
  • HTTP live streaming issues have received a solution now
  • The exit option from the full screen mode, which was a bug in earlier versions is no more a worry now
  • You save on power while you watch a video on the portrait mode
  • Your disappointment on Angry Birds on Facebook has now got a way out
  • Hardware decoding support is now a boon
  • Videos from built-in cameras now work well again on the portrait mode
  • The performance of videos on YouTube is much enhanced
  • High end websites with videos to display on their home page has attained better viewing now
  • Video live streaming time has been reduced
  • Externally connected game controllers are now detected on the machine, which was a failure with Adobe Flash Player 13
  • Streaming problems in private windows have ended now

Prerequisites of Installing Adobe Flash Player 14

If you have decided to upgrade your existing Adobe Flash Player to version 14, here’s what you need to have:

  • If you have a Windows OS, you must have a 512 MB RAM, while you need a 1GB RAM for devices like tablet, netbooks etc.
  • If you have a Mac machine, you will need 256 MB RAM and graphics memory of 512 MB
  • You will also need an intel core duo with a compatible processor on a Mac machine
  • The other browsers like IE 8.0, Firefox version 17 and above, Chrome and Opera 11 will encompass Adobe Flash Player 14 as well

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