Clash of Clans – Brilliant Layout Of The Year

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In Clash of Clans is very important the way you organize your village and it will have a big impact on how well or bad you will do in this game. If you are new to Clash of Clans or if you don’t know much about village layouts, you will surely want to read this article.


Never ever set your village in the corner of the “map”, because your enemies will be able to deploy to the corner, exactly inside of your village. When you start playing Clash of Clans you will want to protect your elixir and gold storages, because you will need them to buy defensive buildings or train troops to be able to attack other villages and farm resources from them.

As soon as Mortar becomes available, build it in the middle of the village. This defensive building deals a lot of damage and it is area of effect (AOE) damage. This will bring down low HP troops very fast.

At the same time, put your Town Hall inside the base, because if it gets destroyed, you will automatically lose trophies and the battle at the same time.

All around the buildings you defend, you should put common buildings such as: builder’s huts, army camps and barracks. Between the common buildings and your most important building you should put your archer towers and cannons. Outside of the village, you should put your elixir collectors, gold mines and the rest of your buildings.

1. Town Hall and Storages

You should always try to protect your Town Hall and Storages, because at the end of the battle you want your attacker to get minimal resources and zero stars. If you keep your Town Hall unprotected, he will get 1 star only for destroying it.

2. Mortar

In the early levels of the game, the mortar is the most important defensive building you have. Try to keep it in the center of the village so it can survive as long as it can, and continuously do splash damage to your enemies. Keep in mind that the Mortar will not be able to attack troops close to it.

3. Walls

The walls will end up being your best defensive building, because they will slow down the invading troops, buying your archer towers, mortars, cannons, xbows etc. enough time to deal tons of damage to them.

4. Stars

When you’re attacking someone, you can get up to 3 stars. You will get 1 star for destroying his Town Hall, 1 star for destroying his village by 50%, 1 star for destroying his village by 100%. So you will be able to get up to 3 stars in a battle.

More Tips

1. Try to keep your resources low (in case you are not saving for something) to not make others interested in your resources.
2. Don’t leave any holes in your village, making your attacker an easier life.
3. You can put your builder’s huts in the corner of the map. Sometimes, this stops your attacker from destroying your entire (since he has to run with his army on all the 4 corners) village and stops him from getting 3 stars.

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