What Makes Temple Run 2 worthy of 100 Billion Downloads?

If you’re looking for a game that never gets old, Temple Run 2 is the title that should come to your mind.

This pioneer of endless running games has recently reached a milestone. Only last month, Temple Run 2 reached its one billionth download, which is a great feat for mobile games since there are other popular mobile games today. That Temple Run 2 was able to retain its popularity is a great deal, especially as there are many rivals today. This only means one thing, though. Temple Run 2 is still a popular game and will still interest you the same way it did the first time you ever played.

One Billion Worth of Milestone

One billion downloads is a lot, if you think about it. Even though some people may have downloaded the game twice because they deleted it from their device and had a change of heart, one billion is still an achievement that other apps or companies can only dream of. Having said that, what could be the story behind the success of Temple Run 2? Since millions of people took the time to download and play the game, surely there’s something about Temple Run 2 that’s worth their time.

You Can Relate to the Character

You may not be living a mysterious life like the character in the game. However, there may have been situations in your life where you’ve coveted an object that’s not yours to keep. This is the story of the character in the game. He has stolen an idol from the temple and hence he’s in trouble. You may not have acted on your desire for the object because stealing is illegal, that’s probably why you wanted to play the character in Temple Run, it will be just like you when you’ve stolen something – running as far as possible from the scene of the crime.

Dangerous Stunts are Your Game

If you’re someone who gets a thrill from doing dangerous stunts, Temple Run 2 is the best game to play. It has you running, dodging, gliding, jumping, and other similar dangerous stunts you can pull off. The character needs to run away from the guards of the temple he has stolen from; so you need to help him avoid being caught. If you seek this kind of thrill in your life, you will definitely have the best time playing Temple Run 2.

Bring Out Your Competitive Side

If you’re a very competitive person, it’s another reason to love the game. You will feel elated every time you get past an obstacle because it takes a great deal of presence of mind to overcome each one. Temple Run 2 is harder than it sounds and every obstacle should be taken seriously. If you hate losing, especially because you’ve tripped over a tree trunk, you can immediately get back on the game and this time, pay more attention. It is important to be very alert all through your run in the game because one small mistake could cost you your life. It may just be a popular game but Temple Run 2 is often played as if you’re the character running for your life.

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