Talkatone – Truly Replacing a Carrier

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Talkatone is the best option that offers a substitute for making calls and texting for free, without using cell minutes.

If you have this application, there is no need of a cell phone plan. You can make calls and text contacts through a Wi Fi Connection or a data plan on your mobile device, without making use of cell minutes. Talkatone is available for downloading in the iOS App Store, Android’s Google Play and on Kindle Fire.

Setting Up

Users need a Google number, which is completely free in order to set up your account. For this, you need to go to the Google website and select Google Voice in order to get the free number. Punch in the phone number and the verification code to set up the application. You must also select the Settings on the phone for forwarding calls to Google Chat. In case of voicemail and text, you can have the text forwarded to an email address. All your contacts are automatically brought over to the dialer, which is very convenient.

Making Calls to Landlines

The application makes use of the Google Voice number for making VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol calls. Users can call their contacts that also have the application installed on their phones. You can also contact and make calls to other mobiles and landline phones. This is one of the attractive and unique features of Talkatone, as most of the other VoIP applications do not allow making calls to other regular phone numbers and only enable calls to and from others who use the app. In this way, it is able to truly and completely replace a carrier. Another unique aspect of Talkatone is that you can receive the calls on the Google number. The call is then forwarded from the Google number to your mobile phone number. The application does not make use of your mobile phone minutes and makes or receives calls using the 3G or 4G services and also through a Wi Fi network.

Sending Text Messages

Talkatone also enables sending of text messages to the Google number. Along with text messages, users can also send photographs. Wi Fi or Mobile Data is made use of for sending texts and photos as well. When a picture is sent through a text, the link is sent to the recipient and not the picture. When the recipient clicks on the link, it takes him or her to the picture and they can view it and save the same on their phone. Thus, even texting does not make use of the phone carrier’s plan. Along with the text, recipients will also get an email. You can however get around this by not signing up to the Google Voice accounts using a Google Gmail account that you use on your phone. You can also, alternatively, disable notifications or else settle for receiving two notifications when you send a text message.

Turning iPad to a Phone

Talkatone can truly help you convert your iPad into a phone. You can make free calls and send free text messages as well as receive free calls and messages from mobile phones, landlines and VoIP applications. All the features work very smoothly on the application. You also have options for changing the ringtones, the wallpapers and the textones. The call quality is quite good, but can definitely be improved.


The application is truly a winner and it is very useful and simple to use even for newbies. You can use the app if you run out of your usual phone minutes. Alternatively, you can use it on a spare tablet and convert it into a phone just by downloading Talkatone.

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