Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Taken to the Next Level

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Taken to the Next Level

Design/Display Features

The Note 3 from Samsung Galaxy is surely a great looking tablet, whereas the Note 4 has not yet been released. The Note 3 has taken tablets to the next level, with the support for handwriting recognition. The display has increased to 5.7 inches with a ppi of 386.

The dimensions of the Note 3 are 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 mm. The display resolution of the Note 4 will also be around 3480 x 2160p according to reports.

It is expected to have a different and new design. The senior vice president at Samsung, Yoon Han-kil, has confirmed this. The design is also supposed to feature resistance to dust and water with certifications. The Note 4 is expected to be lighter than Note 3 and also slimmer.

The Note 4 makes use of the Graphene technology and is expected to have a UHD resolution, with a screen size of around 6 inches and a ppi of around 800. This will enable creating a better device. The pixel density might increase and so will the clarity.

Camera/Storage Features

The Note 3 has a very good battery, but the phone has a large screen and a high pixilation, which takes up a lot of power. The battery capacity of the Note 3 is 3200 mAh, with a Li ion battery. The Note 3 comes with a 13 MP camera, whereas the Note 4 is expected to come with a camera of 20.7 MP.

The Note 4 will come with a superior battery capacity and the rumor is that there is going to be a good battery upgrade, though the exact figures are not yet known. The camera is expected to come with 4K recording features.

The camera of the Note 4 is also expected to have various modes, such as best photo and drama shot as well as best face and so on, including the features and modes already present in Note 3.

Hardware Specs

The Note 3 runs on Android 4.3, upgradeable to Android 4.4 version OS and is powered by a Qualcomm processor, quad core 2.3 GHz and the 19 GHz – octa Core processor for 3G. The tablet is a fast one with a 3 GB RAM. It can handle several applications simultaneously.

The Note 3 is offered in two variants of 32GB and 64GB. The Note 3 also comes with an SD card, which can be expanded to a maximum of 64 GB. The Note 4 will surely have better camera specifications.

The Note 4 will naturally have superior hardware specifications, as Samsung has never gone back on the hardware features in its flagship models. The Note 4 is sure to have a RAM of 4 GB, with a processor of 801 Snapdragon, quad core CPU. The Note 4 will also come with a 64-bit processor.

It is rumored to have an octa core or a LITTLE 16-core processor on the Exynos 64 bit chip. The tablet is also said to have a variant of 128 GB inbuilt memory. It will also sport the handwriting recognition feature, but will go further as these features will be enabled from the lockscreen itself.


The Note 3 is an excellent table with good specifications, but if you can afford to wait till the end of the year, you can buy the Note 4. It will have superior specifications and you can get a good deal on the Black Friday coming up after the release.

The Note 3 is available for around $300-$400 and the Note 4 is expected to cost about US$750. Once the Note 4 hits the stores, the price of the Note 3 is also likely to come down. The new display in the Note 4 is supposed to be one of the major enhancements in this phone.

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