Minecraft Xbox One Release Date is Getting Closer

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Minecraft Xbox One update is close because a lot of news and announcements made by developers 4J studios strongly points to a tentative release date.

The company is the one that is working on over four different versions of the game at the same time that is a mammoth task to handle. From the release of skin packs and dlcs, you can easily say that they are doing a great job irrespective of this tough goal to attain. The team is always active on social media platforms answering ardent fans, which is another great accomplishment of theirs rather than staying silent on game developments as some do.

At the moment, they are working on getting the title update 14 released for Xbox 360 version which is their primary task and once it gets a successful release, they will be moving on to bring the next gen versions out. The company in their twitter account said that they are almost done with the bugs in tu14 and it is getting lesser every day. They also added that a release date is very close. For next gen console owners who are looking for the best titles to play on their console, this is good news because once update is released they will have all the time to focus on the Xbone version.

X86 Architecture and TU14 Release Will Help

While getting tu14 done will highly increase the chances of Minecraft Xbox One release happening soon, there are plenty of other factors that boost the claim. The console works on X86 architecture, the same architecture that is found on computers running Windows operating systems. It makes it easy for 4J studios to port the game as well as the updates without much difficulty. Based on their release schedule that is usually quicker on Microsoft platforms when compared to Playstation console, you can be assured that the release date is very close.

The city texture pack which got released for Xbox 360 was really quick and it doesn’t have a release date on PS3 yet. The game itself was released on Xbox 360 almost a year ago before it made its way to the Sony platform which indicates that 4J studios may most probably choose to get it out for the next gen Xbox One and later focus on the PS4 version. The architecture being easy boosts this claim and it is only a matter of days before TU14 gets released to clear the path for the Xbone version.

Lesser Bugs in TU14

The company has not given out a release date for Minecraft Xbox One version yet but has confirmed that the bugs are getting lesser on the title update 14. With the release date of the update nearing, they will have ample time to work on the next gen versions once the update is submitted for certificate testing. It is only a matter of few days before you can see a formal announcement on their twitter account. With their tradition of releasing Microsoft platform versions earlier, Xbox One may see a launch during summer which is just two or so months away. It is not confirmed yet but the probability is high seeing the trend.

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