Nokia Lumia 620 vs. Samsung Galaxy Core – Comparing UI, Functionality and Performance

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The Nokia Lumia 620 handset remained popular with the masses for a long time. The device holds great importance for the company.

Despite the handset not being the flagship device from the company, it remained the main income source for the company. People could relate the device with the brand Nokia. Being a Windows Phone version 8 phablet, it offers the potential user with an array of features worth its value. The phablet relies on vibrant colors and Windows Phone apps to be the key difference from other devices established in the market.

The Galaxy Core smartphone offers a similar appearance as that of its siblings. However, the typical design of the Samsung handset should not disappoint you. One should look beyond the design of the handset that offers an interesting smartphone for the masses. The internals of the handset marks it among the top line smartphones, available in the market. However, the smartphone has been designed keeping in mind the budget friendly masses. Let us compare the two smartphones against each other in terms of UI, functionality and performance.

Interface and Functionality

The Lumia 620 smartphone comes at an affordable price, yet it runs on the Windows Phone 8 OS. Microsoft does not make any change to the UI, hence, the user would get a similar interface in all the Lumia series phablets. The phablet offers a smooth experience to the user that is consistent in all respects. The WP8 comes in three size tiles of the phablet – small, medium and large. Despite the WP8 coming in a small variant, it offers the user to fit more things in the home panel. The smartphone offers a lag free speed with no hiccups.

The smartphone also takes care of the basic functionality. However, the smartphone lacks smart dialing feature in the contact list.

In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Core comprises of the Android version4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, along with the company’s TouchWiz, having similar version as that of the Galaxy S3 smartphone. Samsung’s TouchWiz interface is popular with Android users as it adds unique features to the smartphones functionality.

Additional functionality enables the user to add shortcuts to the apps, which leads directly to the lock screen for swift access.


In terms of performance, the Lumia 620 smartphone offers the user with powerful hardware at an affordable price. The dual core Snapdragon processor, clocked at 1GHz, along with the Adreno 305 graphic processor, is a treat to have. The CPU and GPU are coupled with a RAM of 512MB. As a result, the user gets a smooth performance.

As it is difficult to set a benchmark for a Windows Phone, browser testing is a good method to test its performance. The processor might not be a good bet for gaming, but for casual browsing, the processor offers a smooth performance.

In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Core offers the user with smooth performance. The Android version4.1 Jelly Bean operating system shows signs of lags even when scrolling across the main menu. However, that is not the case with the Galaxy Core smartphone. The Snapdragon S4 chipset is inclusive of a dual core Cortex A5 processor, running at a speed of 1.2GHz, which is coupled with the Adreno 203 graphic processor.


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