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When you talk of VOIP based calling from mobile phones, Viber has become a global phenomenon today.

With its new Desktop version, you can now use this popular application from your Mac, Linux, or Windows platform. This makes things simpler for people who like to use and operate a single Viber account from multiple platforms. You can now turn your PC into calling equipment by using Viber Desktop at your home or office. The set up is simple and easy. Hence, it is expected that the desktop version will soon gain popularity amongst the millions of Viber users across the globe. You can refer to the below guide that can help you with a quick setup of Viber Desktop.

Get the System Requirements in Place

First things first. Is your system ready to install Viber Desktop? Whether it is a Mac or Windows platform, you would need a minimum internal memory space of 1024MB. You would also require a set of microphone and good quality speakers for video and voice calling. If you are using BT devices, you would also need a Bluetooth receiver in your PC. Create your Viber account on your mobile phone. Only then, you can access Viber Desktop. You cannot create a new account directly through the desktop version of Viber. Make sure that you download the 3.0 version of Viber for iPhone and Android-engineered mobile phones. If you have a Blackberry, you can download Viber v2.4.

Learn to Install the App

The simplest way to download Viber is to log onto the official website of the app. After download, you need to launch the app on your desktop. You will now see the Welcome screen where you need to select the Yes option. The wizard will now ask you to confirm that you have an existing Viber account on your mobile phone. You need to say yes to that. After this, you need to enter your Viber ID or mobile number. A new access code will now be sent to your mobile. You need to enter this code on your PC screen. Now you can start using Viber Desktop, after accepting the User Agreement.

Learn What is New

You can expect a bundle of new features in the latest edition of Viber Desktop. It is designed to improve the experience of Viber users on the desktop platform. This version allows you to see when your contacts where last online. If you participate in a group conversation, you will now have a better view of the participants. You can even engage in a one-on-one conversation with these group members, by simply scrolling over their names. To give you extra comfort, with the latest version of Viber Desktop, you can also send and receive voice messages.

Just like the mobile version, the desktop version is easy to use and install. This new app can enable you to make calls of HD quality at inexpensive rates. You can even exchange messages and animated stickers with your friends. A unique feature of the desktop version is that you can instantly transfer your calls from your mobile to desktop and you can do the reverse as well!

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