Nexus 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Specifications and Pricing Comparison

The Nexus 7 is a full-fledged tablet that has taken the market by storm due to its low pricing, but it is a device that delivers absolute quality in every sense.

Even though it is a tablet PC, it features a smaller display than some of the conventional tablets. This, coupled with the outgrowth of smartphones into the ‘phablet’ segment, has created a unique competition. The Galaxy Note 3 is one of the best phablets in the market today.

The Samsung device comes with a 5.7 inch display that is not far away from the 7 inch display found on the Nexus 7. Further, it also provides slightly more pixel density because it utilizes the same full HD resolution found on the Nexus 7. The difference, though, is not substantial and users are unlikely to notice the additional pixels available on the Galaxy Note 3. A big advantage for the Samsung comes in its ability to make calls using a regular SIM card. It is like a phone in every way, but only larger. The Nexus 7 also comes with 3G support, but it essentially remains a tablet.


Tablets are primarily oriented towards providing multimedia experiences that include watching movies and browsing the Internet. Nexus 7 provides decent support for the former with 16 and 32 GB internal memory. The Galaxy Note 3, however, goes well beyond this by offering the 64 GB internal memory option along with support for up to 64 GB of external memory cards. It is possible to have a total of 128 GB worth of content on this device.


The phone will have no trouble in accessing this content, due to its powerful snapdragon or Exynos processors. The snapdragon processor will be a quad core unit, while some regions of the world receive the octa core Exynos chip. Both are extremely powerful and it is not surprising to see the Galaxy Note 3 support the android 4.4 version even with its TouchWiz user interface. The phone runs smooth and there are no performance issues. This could be partly due to the 3 GB of RAM. The Nexus 7 does not use a customizable user interface like the TouchWiz. It comes with the vanilla android. Hence, it is extremely fast even with a 1.5 GHz quad core processor. In comparison, the Galaxy Note 3 comes with a 2.3 GHz core processor.


Taking into account the slightly larger size, both these devices offer around similar battery life due to the additional capacity of the Nexus 7’s battery. Compared to the 3200 mAh rated battery on the Galaxy Note 3, the Nexus 7 comes with a 3950 mAh rated battery.


The camera is an area where significant differences prevail, because the Galaxy Note 3 comes with a 13 megapixel camera compared to the 5 megapixel camera on the Nexus 7. The Galaxy Note 3 costs around $530, while the Nexus 7 is relatively inexpensive at just around $220 for the 16 GB variant.

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