HTC One M8 – Review, Specs, Price and Features

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Coming up with a smartphone that will be a runaway success is no walk in the park.

However, HTC seems to have nailed it with the release of HTC One M8. After great success with HTC One, the company (HTC) is now ready with another flagship smartphone that goes by the name HTC One M8. Here is a review of this award-winning smartphone.

The Design

The frame design of the HTC One M8 has about 90% metal, which is an upgrade from the previous 70%. Compared to HTC One, the M8 has managed to keep the HTC heritage of boom sound speakers and large pixels and still features some additional clever features. These are the features that help improve and evolve HTC One to the M8. When you plug in the head-phones, the multi-phase amplifier gives you a rich tone even when you are in a noisy area.

When you take a closer look at the design, it does look and feel more premium than other smartphones released in the same time. The M8 is more curved at the back and, therefore, sits much better in your hand. It also has better weight distribution. HTC have even managed to incorporate a micro-SD slot into the design.

Blinkfeed has also improved – the colors have been slightly overhauled, so you end up having more identifiable elements to things like messaging and calling. When the screen is off, and you want to turn it on, simply double tap it. You can also double tap the screen to turn it off.

M8 also has a motion sensor for a blank screen without having to press the lock button at the top. Simply wipe at the side to launch the phone instantly.

The Phone Lenses

The M8 has two lenses placed at the back of the phone. One is the main one from HTC One and then there is the second one sitting on top of the main one. The second one is mainly there just to add depth. It also has a front camera. The camera also allows you to change the foreground and background and also re-focuses on targets. This lets your images come out just the way you want them. You also don’t have to change the photo features right away. You can take the photo and then come back later to change the features.

The Hardware and Battery

The M8 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor. The battery holds up well giving you the stability you need to run power hungry apps. You can easily get about a two days usage out of the battery, and the new quick charge-ability means you can top up quickly should your battery go into the red.  It also comes with 2GB RAM and has an internal storage of 16GB.

The Operating System

The HTC M8 runs the latest Android OS 4.4.2 KitKat. It runs faster than its predecessor, introduces transparent menu bars and brings greater prevalence of full-screen apps. Coupled with the 2GB RAM, you are unlikely to experience any slowdown even when multi-tasking.

The Cost

The good news is that the HTC One M8 is available from select retailers. In terms of price, it is a little bit more expensive than the HTC One.

32 GB version of HTC One M8 costs $149.99 to $649.99 based on the service agreement.

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