iPhone 6’s Extremely Advanced Headphones

In conformity with GottaBeMobile, the iPhone 6’ will come with some extremely advanced headphones. A lot of rumors say that Apple will introduce a new application on the upcoming iPhone 6, “Healthbook”, which will track your health and fitness.

There are speculations that say that the “Healthbook” application will require an “iWatch” or some kind of fitness wrist.

CEO Tim Cook from Apple had reservations regarding a wearable device, such as a watch, to connect to the iPhone, since not many young people use watches nowadays.

MacRumors revealed in an article that a representative of MIT who developed headphones monitors was hired by Apple, and they think the headphones will be the connection “Healthbook” will need, to measure blood pressure or the heart rate. These headphones will probably look like the “earbuds” that iPhone users wear.

In the meantime, these kinds of headphones were already developed and revealed by Intel at International CES 2014 trade show. These headphones use infrared sensors and accelerometer to capture biometric data, which is picked by the smarthpone application.

Intel revealed that they are currently working with a partner to market these headphones in 2014, but they can’t give us the partner’s name.

In addition to a lot of attention being concentrated on the iPhone 6’s design and capabilities of iOS 8, Apple imagines the captivating possibility that if these kinds of headphones will come with iPhone 6, and they will be the first ones who will succeed.



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