Lightning Blazed Roku vs Perfect Apple iFamily

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Price, Processor and Rental Fee Dilemmas

Apple TV is priced in today’s market a rate of $99.99 while the cost of Roku ranges from $49-$99 and also comes with a money back guarantee.

Roku box is priced $99.99 while the stick setup akin to the Chromecast stealth design is available for $49. Roku, thus, provides you two options regarding the compact nature, portability and price range. Roku 3 offers all possible content for the same price that Apple TV offers a heavily lesser content. Apple TV has a Single Core Processor while Roku 3 possesses a dual core processor. Roku 3 measures 3.5 x 3.5 x 1.0 inches and weighs 142g, while Apple TV boasts of a dimension of 3.9 x 3.9 x 0.9 inches and weighs up to 272g.

Apple TV has a strict Late Rental fee policy that is cut-throat and not at all flexible. For each day after the said 24 Hours, Apple TV Rental Daily fees shoots up by $3.99, while Roku 3 provides access to Amazon Instant video which, in turn, allows a regular dosage of freebies for its Prime Members. Also, the rental expiry is relaxed up to 72 hours after the said 24 Hours.

Streaming, Connectivity and Cross Platform Search

When the discussion comes to content streaming and availability, Roku 3 has an exceptionally amazing content availability and updating services. The company takes care to work extraordinarily fast and up-to-date to keep adding a zillion more content each day. In comparison, Roku 3 has 750+ games and 1000+ apps while Apple TV barely has 10 Games and 15+ entertainment channels that are strictly Apple supported apps. Apple TV restricts you to access and avail the contents based on your Apple Family and ecosystem involvement while Roku 3 lets you watch the content that you desire. Roku 3 boasts of Lightening fast streaming, which is heads and shoulders above other Digital Media Players. On the other hand, Apple TV’s Airplay streaming is its unique capability of streaming content wireless, and takes less than a second and involves just a tap or click.

While the connectivity options for both are very similar, Roku 3 does not have any Bluetooth support. Application compatibility for Apple TV is iOS while Roku 3 is compatible for iOS and Androids. Apple TV lacks the Amazon instant video option while Roku 3 has no access to Bloomberg TV and HBO GO. Cross Platform search is Roku 3′s ace and jackpot feature that lets you check every other app for your desired content cleverly on its own rather than making you re-type, which is undoubtedly time-consuming and is also a reason for a lot of Apple TV customers to reroute to Roku 3.

Targeted Audience, Sales and Salient Features

Roku 3 is targeted for hardcore TV fans, while Apple TV is ideal for Android fanatics. Sales of Roku 3 crossed 5 Million customers while Apple TV has a customer base of 8 Million+ in the year 2013.

Roku 3 has an inbuilt headphone jack on its remote while Apple TV ‘s remote not only lacks this feature but also prompts the difficulty of customizing the installation set-up on a virtual keyboard with its limited buttons on the remote. Roku 3 helps you watch your TV without disturbing anyone else and on an exceptionally good audio clarity.

Apple TV also lacks all gaming processes while Roku 3 lets you play a zillion games through the remote with the enhanced help of motion controlled gaming. Roku 3 is a set of set-up boxes for playing Digital Media while Apple TV is evidently a Digital Media Player that lets you access your personal media files and other compatible data from your Apple ecosystem.

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