Mass Effect 4 – An Enhanced Sci-Fi Extravaganza for Mass Effect Fans

Do you remember playing Mass Effect 3?

If not, buy the game, play it now, and get prepared for a ‘never-seen-before’ sci-fi gameplay experience in Mass Effect 4. Halo fans will certainly find something in common while playing this game. Although the storyline is completely different, the theme is almost the same with the Halo series games. However, there are some reasons that will set Mass Effect 4 way apart from its competitor game titles.

No Earthly Feelings

Mass Effect 4 will introduce a completely new universe far off from what you have seen until date. There will be no earthly feelings while playing this game. Get ready for a battle on an unknown land in a far-off part in the galaxy. There is no official confirmation of whether the main characters will remain the same or not. However, close sources have clearly mentioned that there will be new additions in characters, maps and objects.

Bigger than Star Wars

Beginners in Sci-Fi FPS games may feel demotivated playing this Mass Effect 4 just because they have not seen any Mass Effect movie. They will eventually compare it to the majesty of the Star Wars series. You should not think this way. Try this game after its release in the winter of 2015 and you will see that it is bigger than Star Wars or any other Sci-Fi games.

Realistic and Extra-terrestrial

Life beyond earth should not always be overtly imaginary like the seven headed monsters, giant spiders etc. There should be logic behind the shape and size of every species even in an unknown universe. Mass Effect 4 will give you an extraordinary experience by letting you meet some of the scientifically designed extra-terrestrial life forms. You will know instantly that they all have a purpose of coming in a weird shape and size. This is the magic of this game.

Weapons Bigger and Mightier than Bazooka

The pen may be mightier than the sword on earth, but this is definitely not the case when you land up in an alien planet. You need crazy looking weapons with the maximum functions possible. You will get to use such bizarre but realistic weapons in Mass Effect 4. The controls are kept simple, simply because you do not have proper training to use them casually! You can also switch on the auto reload option in order to save yourself from close combat situation when you have an empty round.

Fascinating Artworks

Mass Effect 4 is going to feature a host of fascinating game artworks of characters and worlds. You can unlock each one of them by completing levels. It is a type of sub-mission to unlock all the artworks as you proceed towards the finish line. Collect them and share them with the world by posting SNS updates. You should also try to unlock artworks hidden in the multiplayer mode. Mass Effect 4 is going to host location-based servers for easy connection and smooth performance. You can also host a game server for local area network gaming.

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